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Smoltz Gets 3000 (and six) K’s

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I woke up Tuesday morning not having to go to work. And it was so gorgeous outside I decided it would be a great day for Jeff and I to head to turner field after work to see the braves play the nats. I check online and John Smoltz is pitching! And pitching for his 3000 strikeout. Could there BE a better day to go see the braves? I think not… So, I call my husband and he is so excited at the idea… 🙂 So he comes home from work, and its off to see the bravos!

We didn’t have tickets, so we had to stand in line. As we were, so guy came up next to jeff – completely violating any sort of personal bubble – and said do you need tickets (heres your sign buddy – we’re in line for tickets) and handed him a season ticket (with john smoltz’s face on it :)) it read 121R row 5 seat 4. I couldn’t believe it. REALLY? well, we decided we were going to trade it in and get 2 seats together in a better location then we had planned since we only had to buy 1 ticket. Well, apparently you can’t do that the day of the game… so jeff bought a $12 ticket and i used the “free” ticket to get in.

I talk Jeff into coming down and sitting with me until someone comes to claim their seat… and jeff was going to let me sit there – at least until smoltz reached his 3000th because he knows how much i love john smoltz – but nobody came for 5 innings… so WE got to sit 5 rows off of turner field, and met the nicest guy named John who gave us the ticket. We had a blast! It was great! … the players were life-sized and everything! Smoltz got his 3000th, and tacked on 6 after that for 10 K’s on the night. Amazing. As far as the rest of the team, well they fell apart in the 9th and couldn’t hit all game. But there is something magical about being so close where the gnats are bugging you and you can see the detail of the players faces. It makes you care a little less about who won, and a little more about how fun the whole atmosphere is. It was cool. And we are so thankful to have had the oppertunity. Go BRAVES! I’m sure we’ll see you soon…


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