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So I’ve been a slacker after starting a blog – and haven’t even updated it in a whole week! oh well…

So last weekend we had a BLAST on folly beach for Cousin’s weekend! We drove up on Friday with Sean and Ness and ended up getting stuck in some wonderfully stopped ATL traffic – no surprises there. Oh, and we did have quite an adventure with Garmin Nuvi — apparently the GPS isn’t quite as smart as it seems to think it is. We were on “Low Fuel” which means Gertrude (our Jeep Compass) has 2 solid gallons to get us to a filling station without quitting on us. Well, we checked Nuvi and she told us that we could stop immediately – who does that?! – go 7 miles, or go 30 miles. Well, we decided 30 miles was too far but 7 miles sounded just about right. So we drive our 7 miles and pull off… “Welcome to Middle-of-Nowhere-Georgia – our population increases just b/c you stopped by” and we rely on Nuvi to get us to the gas station. Well as we come upon the “Finish Flag” on Nuvi’s screen – we arrive at a worn out, torn down old… HOUSE! not a Citgo at all, unless the people there have the last name of Citgo Nuvi couldn’t have been more wrong. So needless to say, we got back on the highway asap and drove 50mph for the next 20 miles to try and get the most miles to gallon as possible with EVERYONE and their grandma flying past us, honking, annoyed, etc until we arrived safely at a BP – clearly God knew best because he put a yummy Zaxby’s across the street for us to grab for dinner. Yum! And thanks, Eagle Eyes! 

As far as the weekend itself, It involved lots of me doing this… Laying Out with Ness

And Jeffrey doing this…

boys bocce

Which resulted in lots of fun!

We got to catch up and be filled in on what is going on in everyone’s lives – and looks like the year will be full of newness and change all around! 🙂 Very exciting! We got to see wyatt take some of his first ‘intentional steps’ – he is such a happy baby! Crazy how big he is already. Only 27 days until he turns 1!

While we were only able to spend a day and a half on the beach – I managed to come home with a burn that turned into a wonderful tan! Jeffrey didn’t burn – thank goodness! And we both decided we miss the beach terribly and it might not be a bad idea to look for jobs a little closer to the shore. Although we’re open to any shore — not just the east. We’ll see… 🙂 Might be fun to dabble in the California sun for a few years – that would make my life coast-to-coast and back again!



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  1. Hey Jeff & Kylie!!! MMM the beach sounds fabulous!! Glad you guys go to enjoy that:) Miss you and hope to see you soon! Praise the Lord y’all made it to the gas station:)


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