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A Weekend for Celebrations!

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This weekend provided lots of opportunities to celebrate and hang out with the people we love and celebrate the good things in life!


Dad And Grandma

This year we drove up from Statesboro to celebrate mother’s day with my new mom and with grandma since she is still here in GA! I can’t believe she has been a Mom for 56 years – thats a lot of mothering – 🙂 But I am so thankful for her and the other mothers of my life! It is a blessing to be surrounded by women who love me despite all of my not-so-shining moments!

We gave Jeff’s mom the CUTEST card – it has a picture of a little boy sitting next to a toilet pulling all of the TP off the roll. I’m pretty sure they pulled this picture straight from Jeff’s past – “I don’t know who did it.” said little Jeffrey with toilet paper wrapped around him.


Hugh, Beth, Steven, (Eric) Barstow, Tim, Nicole, etc… all graduated as part of the largest GSU commencement ever! The weather couldn’t have complied more with the plans – and even stayed relatively cool for the south of GA in early may. It was so fun to see our good friends get their diplomas – and reflect back to when we recieved ours. We miss that little southern town – however it is growing by leaps and bounds. Sure to not be ‘little’ for much longer. They have built at least 2 new hotels, 2 starbucks, a mini strip-mall, and have plans for a target, hobby lobby, TJ Maxx to open in Fall – all in a year and a half. Campus has opened a new art building, torn down 3 dorms, and has blue prints to build the nicest “dorms” I’ve ever seen. The place is booming – which is cool, but bittersweet. Oh well, at least we’ve got the memories (and pictures) from what is quickly becoming “back in the day”.


Hugh & Siblings


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