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Jeffrey and I were gone all last week in Orlando with his side of the family. All 16 of the Henry’s were there! Amazing. And if you’re doing the math – that includes Ness and Sean’s baby ‘bug’ and Hugh and Erin’s baby ‘charm’ – which everyone found out about in orlando! Anyway, the family is growing quickly! It will have 3 additions this year alone (me and the two baby’s). We're on your team!

We played tons of putt-putt and hung out at the pool. We stayed at Horizons Mariott – which is a really nice, family-friendly place. They had a great waterslide – and the guard was letting us chase eachother down, etc. So that was a ton of fun. I think at one point we had about 8 people in a row on the slide! I’ll see if i can get that video/picture from Sean/Ness.

On Friday morning we left the family to head back to atlanta only to get in the car and drive down to statesboro. When we got to statesboro we decided to go down to savannah and hang out on river street. We ate at Tubby’s tankhouse which is right on the river, and we got an outside seat! It was TONS of fun – I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a looooooong time. I was introduced to a new ‘square’ which was the echo one. It is so cool. You stand in the middle and face someone and you can’t hear your echo but you can hear theirs. I would have been entertained for hours. But nature was calling timothy… so we had to go!

Then on Saturday we roasted and toasted by the pool until about 2 when we got ready for the Dardis wedding. I got to wear my seersucker dress!!! They got married on Tybee and it was great! Unfortunately there were a few kinks in their day – but in the end they got married and celebrated with friends, which is the most important part anyway! After their wedding, Jeffrey thought it’d be funny to pretend to drop me in the ocean… and then he just about did.



Sunday was pictureless – however we just readjusted to being at home and in our own bed! What a lovely feeling. Had dinner up in Alpharetta with Dad and Grandma – grilled steaks, mmm. Stopped at brewsters on the way home for some Key Lime Icecream. You have GOT to try this stuff, so yummy. But please, even though the double scoop looks yummy, stick with a single. You’ll be glad you did!


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  1. I remember spending time in Savannah on the riverfront. Good time and I am sure it has changed some since I have been there!!

  2. i LOVE the pictures of you and Jeffers in the ocean!!! You should get them printed out and put them all in a row on a wall or something… SO CUTE 🙂 I love you! (both) 😉


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