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So, I realize I haven’t been blogging THAT often lately… and I haven’t given up or forgotten (well, most days I haven’t) Its just that at work. So, I’ve been MIA from the blog authoring world.

But I wanted to get on herethere hasn’t been THAT much interesting stuff happening. And I’m pretty sure most of you, I take that back, NONE of you want to read about my obsession with cleaning or organizing or read about my mundane tasks at work, or jeff’s managerial duties…  so that those of you who DO check our blog regularly (thanks, btw) we haven’t quit, and we’re still alive, doing well, and loving married life!

WE have a BIG july coming up and are VERY excited about it! So get ready to read about our crazy life as it picks up speed… Our July will look a little like this: a short work week next week 🙂 thank you Independence Day! Then we are off to NYC for 5 DAYS! We’re going with dad and carter and Claw (my dad’s fraternity brother) and one of his friends. We CAN’T WAIT! We’re going to go see the yankees at yankee stadium. I have never been to new york, and I have always wanted to go. Anxious, anxious, anxious! I think I’ll start packing tonight. 😀 Then I am co-hosting a shower for one of my best friends, krystalyn, who is getting married in August. And then the week after that the Bug (Sean and Ness’ baby) is due and we will have another nephew/neice! We might even be expanding our little family by adopting a four-legged, tail-wagging puppy… who knows?!

Anybody out there have big plans for July? Or any suggestions on what to do while in NYC??? Leave a comment! 🙂 We’d love to hear them…


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I'm a creative girl, decor-ganizer, social media junkie, and believer in simple significance. I have an addiction to starbucks and the Nebraska Huskers. I call 'home' an old ranch with my college sweetheart turned husband and our fur-baby, Toby. Stop by our blog

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  1. buy me a purse! 🙂


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