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Clean Bill of Health

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I just got home from the Vet with Toby. He checked out just fine! He has a minor ear infection, but other than that he is a healthy boy. The Vet estimated his age to be about 1 years old. That is right along the lines of what we were thinking. Great news too, because that means he is full grown.

I’ll have to take some pictures soon and show off his huge front paws. I think its cute that he will never ‘grow’ into them. He’ll always have a puppy quality about him.

He still appears to be housetrained and very good about doing his business outside! He did get a little confused the other day when on our patio… but in his defense, it WAS outside… 🙂

He loves to play tackle/rough house. And he likes to chase us around the house – he doesn’t mind being chased either. He just figured out that his bone is just that, his. And has started chewing on it. He still resists his sqeaky toy and doesn’t fetch or anything. Other than that, he is pretty good about laying around, relaxing, and patiently waiting for a playmate.

We definately love him a lot and are so happy to have him in our home!!!


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