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Cute, Yum, & I Totally Want One!

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Ok – so I have 3 random things I wanted to share, hence the random title.


First, last week my dad’s dog, Sally, came down while he was out of town and her and Toby had a blast! They were SO cute together and didn’t stop running around and playing the whole time. I finally got Toby to sit for long enough to snap this really cute photo I just had to share…

Sweet Dorgi dogs... How could you not want one???

Sweet Dorgi dogs... How could you not want one???


On to the Yum portion! My awesome husband has a really great habit of bringing me home flowers and desserts. Last week he majorly splurged and bought the Starbucks brand Mud Pies – they have got to be one of the best desserts I have EVER had! They are so good. a coffee ice cream layer, a yummy cookie base, all smothered in a delicious chocolatey shell. If you like coffee – you must spend the cash and try these for a special occasion – you won’t be sorry!



  I Totally Want One

And apparently so does EVERYONE else… These newly designed tumblers look just like Starbucks cold drink cup, but they are insulated and prevent condensation – so no more fret over water rings appearing on my desk at work! And some reviews say it helps keep the drink colder longer! AND you get a .10 discount every time you use it at Starbucks! (ok, .10 is no biggie… BUT I’ll take w/e discount I can get at Starbucks). The bummer is that EVERY starbucks is sold out of these $9.00 tumblers and they are being sold on E-Bay for $30+ bucks… Are you kidding??? So, if anyone happens to catch an extra one, you MIGHT want to call my husband and see if he’d like to buy one for his amazing wife… 😉

Its just too cute!

It's just too cute!


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