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It’s August?

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Are you kidding me? Wow. For some reason time seems to be flying right now and there is no sight of it slowing down. We have so many fun and exciting things to look forward to this month!

First – Charlie is in Birmingham today so the office is pretty quiet and not too much going on. Gotta love Fridays like that! Nice, relaxing, and a great way to start the weekend!

Also, the ATL is gaining one awesome chick today! Beth, one of my oldest georgia friends (and college roomate) is moving back TODAY! She is going to live with Jessie and I cannot express in blog-world how excited that makes me! Having her close will be so great – and lots of coffee dates should be in order for Liz, Beth, and I! And jeffrey will probably get somewhat of a break on having to hear all my girly talk because I’ll have my girls back to girly talk with! Yay – it’s like we’re moving the Boro up to ATL! Now if only we could get Tim to move here too…. hmmm.  

Yay! Love my girls!

Yay! Love my girls!

And more August excitement… Krys is getting married in 2 weeks from today! 🙂 Horray! We’ve got a couple’s shower to attend for her and justin this weekend which should be fun. And we’ll actually get to see Justin who we haven’t seen in over 2 months since he has been gone in DC.

Showing some P-rem love!

Showing some P-rem love!

OH! And I cannot leave out the fact that this weekend is Georgia’s TAX FREE holiday! woo-hoo. I’m sure that means shopping is in order! Jeff will probably have some free time on his hands this weekend – so if you’re not going to be sipping starbucks or hitting the malls and you’re going to be doing something more like watching sports or playing video games, you might want to give him a call. 😉 

Well, must be back to work! Happy Friday! 🙂


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