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So we’ve had a few updates in our house over the past 2 weeks… and i finally got a good enough internet connection to load the photos.

entry hall

entry hall

First, we updated our entry with this old shelf that was laying around in my brothers closet! I spray painted the shelves brown (from primary blue and red) and for now the red knobs are staying since they match our kitchen decor anyway. And we have a “catchall” basket which hopefully minimizes clutter on the counter and kitchen table (which is there for eating and gameplaying NOT catching all our bills, keys, phones, etc.)

living room

living room

Secondly we updated our living room with appropriate furniture (TV Stand, not coffee table that we kept wacking our knees on) and reaquired “the” ottoman. “the” ottoman was from a set of furniture dad had in our house in eden prairie and he passed it to Jess and I when we were living in Watson. Since then I think about 4 or 6 other people have owned/used it. But now the ottoman – in all its’ ugly glory – has made it back to me! A recovering project is close on the horizon…

our AWESOME bedroom
our AWESOME bedroom

Lastly you see the most dramatic change – we painted our bedroom chocolate brown. It looks awesome. 🙂 We love the detailing of the cream ‘frame’ and the walls really make our grannysmith green apple sheets pop. LOVING IT! Thinking I’m going to have to recover the DIY headboard in a fun, lighter fabric… so thats on the horizon as well. Looks like me and Jeff’s staple gun have a date in the very near future. 😉


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I'm a creative girl, decor-ganizer, social media junkie, and believer in simple significance. I have an addiction to starbucks and the Nebraska Huskers. I call 'home' an old ranch with my college sweetheart turned husband and our fur-baby, Toby. Stop by our blog

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment – I was scrolling through your blog and had to scream “I LOVE YOUR BEDROOM!!!” That cream frame is awesome. Adding you to my google reader!

  2. Katie Balberchak

    Wow, Kylie! I’m going to need to hire you to come help me with our place. 🙂 Nice job. It looks great! Love, Katie


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