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It’s All A Blur

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Life for the newlyweds has been crazy busy and we’re still trying to catch up. Where to even start?

Labor Day Weekend

Saturday was spent watching all kinds of football (my brother, Nebraska, and other less important college teams ;)) Oh, and we missed the UGA v GSU game because apparently people dunwoody don’t care – so that was disappointing.

Sunday we continued our Church Search and went to a church really close to our apartment. If you can call it a church. The pastor gave a sermon while only using 3 verses from the bible to support a completely random book – something about 60 interviews with important people? Anyway, this was not Sunday morning church (at least not for us). I can’t even tell you what verses he read to us, but I sure remember what the book was about. It was ridiculous. Last time I checked church was to be about GOD, Jesus, and the fact that we don’t deserve any of it, but He loved us so much that He chose to reveal himself and give us His grace to cover our MANY MANY shortcomings… not about some book review. Ugh! Talk about frustrating. At least the other churches we’ve visited have talked about Jesus, God, and shared the gospel in some shape or form. – And just so you know the 3 questions (I suppose sermon points) were “What wall in life is your ladder leaning on?” “What gets you out of bed in the morning?” and “What rabbit are you chasing?” DON’T ask!

Monday was a lot of fun. Gotta love holidays. Sean made fried oreos for lunch. Yes, you read that right… FRIED oreos. Yum. I was pleased that I resisted and only had one… but if you have a fryer, or a friend with a fryer, you’ve gotta try these. They are delicious goodness. Mmm! After lunch, I headed up to the outlets to find some things for around the house – but came home with a shirt from Gap and a purse from Nine West instead! My purse is SO cute, and it only cost me 10 bucks! That’s only 30 minutes of work… and I’m lovin’ it!

This last weekend was full dog park-ing, ice-cream treating, football watching, couch napping, braves gaming, Sunday napping, brunching, and family-ing. J Needless to say I am behind on my cleaning, grocery shopping, sleeping, and organizing (I find this happens when you’ve got a Monday holiday  – but I’ve been having a lot of fun and a great time with my hubby thru all the insanity!)

Jeffrey and I may have some big news this week… so stay tuned! And no, we’re not having a baby… 🙂


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