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Woo hoo! So, the Total Money Makeover Live conference was a success! We arrived at gwinett center about 20 minutes early and met up with our friends, Rakesh and Sonal. We went in and registered, got our volunteer training manual, cool t-shirt, and stood around talking until they had us meet to “drink out of a firehose” which is where they shoved TONS of information at us and gave us all of 30 seconds to take it all in. But whatever, I’m happy because I’m seeing Dave – FOR FREE!

Eventually we end up assigned to a publishing table and we go to start setting up. Jeff and Rakesh were called away to go help work at the will-call desk so Sonal and I were setting up our tables and chatting about their new house that is almost complete. All of a sudden there I hear an “excuse me” over my shoulder and there is Dave Ramsey extending his hand to thank me for helping out – are you kidding?! Happy to do so, Dave! How cool. Anyway, he’s shorter than I thought and it was cool to actually ‘meet’ him. He went by the will-call booth and met jeffrey, too. Pretty awesome that he goes around and personally thanks 200+ volunteers! More reason to love the guy…

Anyway, the conference was just a lot of what he talks about everyday put together in a more organized fashion. So, not really anything new, but lots of very useful stuff to be shoved into my brain yet again! And Jeff and I put together our volunteer vouchers and purchased this awesome complete DIY kit for making our way to financial freedom.

Daves Complete Set

Dave's Complete Set

I can’t wait to start going thru the workbooks with Jeffrey! Thankfully we’ve got no debt, and we’re doing great on savings, but its always nice to have some way of verifying that you’re on the right track!


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