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(Post from Jeff)
I have officially received an offer from EDS, a contracting company who does GIS work for the CDC, to join their team! I have accepted and will begin work on October 1st.
EDS an HP company

EDS an HP company

The process has been a very quick one. (May I just say that I LOVE the private sector?) I received notification 2 Fridays ago that EDS wanted me for a phone interview on Monday. Monday’s interview lasted an hour. An hour later they called back asking me to come meet them face to face on Tuesday and bring some maps I had created. That interview went very well too and ended with them asking salary questions and when i could start. Wednesday AM they called and made me a verbal offer. Thursday I went and filled out some paperwork with them and sign a written offer. Friday I went to have a drug test where they cut a chunk of my hair out. Last Monday they called to check up and Wednesday this week I got a phone call saying that I passed all my tests and was slated to start on October 1st!

I handed in my two week notice Thursday and it was hard! Leaving the DOT is bittersweet, on the one hand I am sad because I didn’t get to finish what I started and I’ll miss working with good friends. On the other hand, this new job sounds really cool! I am going to be making maps for the CDC about their disease outbreaks and emergency plans (for 24 fans, think CTU work)! I am going to have security clearance and everything. I can’t forget to mention this… since I work for the Feds(not as a govt employee, as a contractor) then I get the same holidays they get, plus 3 weeks from my employer! Oh, AND the office I will be working in is in Chamblee so my commute will remain almost exactly the same!

Kylie and I are very happy with this new job. I am very excited and looking forward to the new opportunity! I feel that this is the right place for me to grow professionally and get some good experience.

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  2. That is so wonderful you guys!!! Bo and I are very excited for this new job:) I hope October 1st goes well. We miss you guys and need to see you soon!


  3. Hi Jeff, congratz!! Update us with your EDS experience..


  4. Wow! Congratulations, Jeff! That is wonderful. I’m so proud of you. Please keep us posted once you start!



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