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Lots of presents!

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Some of the best birthdays are probably the ones that you can drag out to be a few days/events long which is exactly what my lucky husband did this year! It’s great to have both families so close by and get to celebrate with them!

The Cheesecake Factory was delish – as always – and we’re still trying to finish the slices of cheesecake we ordered! 🙂 Yum! He opened the presents from Toby and I on our way out to dinner and scored some new shirts, Yahtzee (which Jeff is ridiculously lucky at), and Lego Indiana Jones for Wii! We ended up coming home from dinner and playing Wii until 12:30! I

love love love the looks on peoples faces when the recieve something they are genuinely excited about – check out this one:

I love him!

I love him!


My Boys 3

My Boys ❤

Jeffrey got to continue the celebration of his birthday on Saturday with my dad and brother and he scored one of the new iPod Nanos in black. It will hold 8,000 songs – I am constantly amazed at how quickly they are able to develop products smaller and stronger.

Sunday we headed up to Roswell to his parents to celebrate with the local siblings and mom and dad. They gave him Season 2 of the office (which I am kind of starting to maybe enjoy slightly… a BIG step for those of you who knew my previous loathing of the show), a subscription to the Limbaugh Letter (gotta love Rush!), a gift certificate to the Cheesecake Factory (he better take me with him), and a book by Ravi Zacharias. It was fun to finally get to catch up with the Henry fam since all the kids have been SO busy lately! I’ll have to get the pics from Mom’s camera to share with you – but they made him a cute and yummy chocolate on chocolate cake… mmmm!

Jeff starts his new job this week and I finally got started on some of the home projects (covering the ottoman and headboard, getting pictures up on the walls, etc) so look for posts to come on that this week!

Happy Monday!


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