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Pumpkins Galore!

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Sorry it’s been FOREVER since a post… but I have been battling tonsillitus. UGH! But finally I am recovering and so back to blogging I go.

Anyone who knows me knows 1) I love holidays and 2) I’m all about theme-ing my decor around the holiday coming up. SO… since October 1st more and more pumpkins are finding their way into our apartment, filling my vases, and perching on my shelves and countertops. 

This past weekend I bought cookie dough for making pumpkin-shaped cookies for my brother. Since my brother ditched me to go to a haunted house (he’s 9 and apparently going with his friends is cooler than decorating sugar cookies with his sister, lame!) my sweet husband sat down and enthusiastically decorated about 30 pillsbury pumpkins! I forgot to take pictures until today, and most of the creative ones were left for my brother to pack in his school lunches.

Heres what is left...

Here's what is left...

Then on Tuesday night I created a cute fun-kin pumpkin! I found my fun-kin (or foam pumpkin) on sale at Michaels for 60% off! I bought a white one since we also picked up real, orange pumpkins to carve at Burt’s. I figured it would offer some contrast. Then I decided to carve our monogram into it – can never have too many monograms. I think it turned out really cute!

Husband decided we probably shouldn’t put a REAL candle in it (fire hazard, anyone?) so we went out and bought the battery powered tea lights at target. They were a kinda expensive but I’m betting you can find ’em cheaper at LNT’s going out of business sale OR at BB&B with one fo their famous 15% off coupons. I was sick, he was tired, we were lazy – so 6 bucks didn’t seem like too much to pay.

Anyway… here is the result – adorable and reusable! Can’t beat it… This little pumpkin will proudly shine for many years to come, hopefully!

I love the way this turned out!

I love the way this turned out!


Any ideas for how to smooth the edges?

Any ideas for how to smooth the edges?


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