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Our Merry-ed Christmas

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I realize the anticipation must have been killing all of you… wanting to hear all about our Christmas galavanting along with finding out what loot made its way under our tree and in our stockings… So here it goes, minus picture documentation due to a massive amount of crazy unorganization in my life at the moment. Don’t worry – it is driving me nuts so this won’t last for much longer…

We had a GREAT Christmas celebrating with both sides of our families. It is so wonderful to have both sides so close to our home and be able to spend time with each and still sleep in our own bed at night! 🙂

We celebrated with the Henry’s the Sunday before Christmas – but still had “Christmas dinner” (really it was lunch) there on Christmas Eve before the last Christmas Carol show of the year. Then we headed over to my Dad’s to have another Christmas dinner (steak & potatos… mmm!) We went to Perimeter for candle-light Christmas eve service and then went back to Dad’s and spent the night so my wonderful, sweet little brother would be there to wake us up promptly at 7:30 (at which point he had been up for 2 hours – but dad said if he wanted to risk dying, he was finally allowed to wake us up). Jeff kindly jumped out of bed, while I laid there and told him to go away and come back in 2 or 3 more hours… however, the boys won and it was time to open our Santa presents and stockings! Santa dropped a joint gift off thsi year – Jeff and I recieved a new DVD-R player (as ours had recently pooped out on us) and some candy and gift cards in our stockings. We then opened a ridiculous amount of gifts that we are very thankful for from my dad, brother, and Sally (their Dorgi). After gifts were opened, played with, and my brother headed to his Mom’s, Jeffrey and I went over to the Henry’s where we just relaxed and enjoyed plenty of sweets and some good family time. We also played the new trival pursuit (which is much better than the older versions). After that we headed to our place to FINALLY get to open our presents to eachother(those of you who know me can imagine that this practically killed me… not to be dramatic or anything).

I found a red peacoat, the NEW hootie CD (apparently I’m supposed to call him Darius Rucker now… either way, I’m in love with it!), a ticket to the Gator Bowl (more on that later), and Robin Hood. Jeffrey recieved a new North Face jacket, a new wallet, a ticket to the Gator Bowl (sitting right next to yours truly, imagine that!), and Zelda for the Wii.

We got a slew of other stuff – and as soon as I can find my digital camera cord I’ll be loading all of these pictures! I lost it somewhere between Jacksonville and here… 😦 I guess its time to organize the car, apartment, and purses! Maybe I’ll take a picture of the mess that is my life right now… for a good before and after!


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