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Nope, not a politcal post. Not a St Patrick’s Day post. No environmental tree-hugging either. I’m talking Money-Money-Money (cue The Apprentice theme song here — ps. Dennis SO should have been fired last week… whatever, Donald!)


Oink, Oink

Oink, Oink


Today I was cleaning thru our hopelessly messy guest room/office – which i fear will NEVER EVER be organized or clean or functional… but I will continue to try. I digress – while I was cleaning I found a bunch of change. So I decided I’d take it by Coinstar (yes, I realize it is a major ripoff that they take .08 on every dollar – but the change wasn’t doing me any good just sitting around in a pile, either) along with my piggy bank (yes, it is ACTUALLY a pig), and jeffrey’s change bowl. When I was done dumping my coins and paying my ‘fee’ (which by the way you can waive if you’re lucky enough to have a coinstar near you that offers the gift card option – we’re stuck with only the Kroger/no gift card kind) I got 85.03! Are you kidding me?!? I was more than thrilled and this will certainly be helpful for April’s budget when Husbands company decides to keep 10% of his paycheck (this is slightly retarted since husband is a contractor and the company still pays the same rate, even though husband won’t get paid the same rate… regardless, we’re thankful to still be employed and able to pay our bills, etc!)

Somehow 85.03 seems like a lot more money when it’s green instead of bronze and silver, don’t you think? Now go clean your couch, empty your hubby’s pants, and cash out your coins! It’ll bring a little boost to your day – at least it did mine! 🙂


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