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April’s Goal Review

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Time to review those April Goals… I can honestly say that while we/I have not met every goal on this list, I did keep most of these things at the forefront of my mind and it actually helped me focus on the things I do want to accomplish! So – look for the monthy goals and updates from J & K 🙂

  1. Do push-up/sit-up routine Alright, this one didn’t get accomplished – we both got a lotta lazy last week
  2. Do cardio at least 2 times a week – I actually did accomplish this goal – GO ME!
  3. Achieve a BMI of 22.5 by the end of the month … still working on this
  4. Drink 3 Nalgenes of water every day Jeff and Liz told me this was too much water (ok, I’m not a water drinker so I have no clue) but I didn’t meet this goal. I don’t like water – I’m stickin with DC & Starbucks… sorry peeps
  5. Take vitamin daily – nope, not even close
  6. Win the basketball league championship game next week The game was delayed until last night, but we WON by 1 pt… I’ll post a pic of the 6 who showed up and the trophy!
  7. Learn enough about Photoshop processing to make my own photos prettier However, I am learning more and more at Blue World
  8. Scan ALL old photos that are under our bed onto the new Mac Book Pro
  9. Finish corner cabinet project (someone’s trash is my treasure) It looks pretty good for a first refinishing project! I’ll post on this soon…
  10. Purge items in guest room and make it more relaxing (just in time for Tim to visit) and Tim comes tonight! 🙂
  11. Save 55% of what we make this month. (Ugh, kinda hurts to type that… but it will feel so good if we actually can!) — I still need to do the math – but we were close! 🙂
  12. Get our taxes done by the 5th. They were done by the 15th at midnight, ’nuff said
  13. Combine our bank accounts – yes, this should have been done a year and 3 months ago but I’ve been lazy and we haven’t… Um, this is sorta done – I’m added to J’s acct but we still haven’t closed out mine or switched my direct deposit…

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  1. You were awesome at accomplishing your goals, good work!


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