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Bahahahahaha! (and some big news!)

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You’ll have to excuse my laughing… while I went to review my May Goals I realized that I totally and completely had tunnel vision this month and sucked at completing the things in my everyday life that cause me stress (storage closet, office, etc). Oh well. There were 2 goals I achieved in May – Enjoying my birthday month and planning a trip back to NE! Everything else was an epic fail.

In fact this just may have been one of the best birthday month’s ever. I’ve got SO much to catch y’all (anybody out there even still reading? I’ve been SUCH a bad blogger) up on. We decided we’d START our home search this month – EXCITING! – because we’ve seen friends take a long time to find the perfect house and we weren’t sure about getting approved for a loan etc.

So we met with our realtor, the awesome Michael Bunch, on a Tuesday afternoon. The next Tues he took us out to view a couple of homes. We’ve got some good stories (as in funny, not we loved the houses) from that first day of looking.

exhibit A - gold leaf wall AND ceiling paper... Who doesn't want to stare at their reflection from all angles at all times?

exhibit A - gold leaf wall AND ceiling paper... Who doesn't want to stare at their reflection from all angles at all times?

We went into 5 houses. Only 2 of them were remotely normal – 2 of them had hideous issues – and the other one just was weird. Anyway, we were really discouraged and down. We’d driven by some and just decided we didn’t need to waste time going in and the ones we did go in were nothing to rave about. So, we were thinking this was going to be a long process. Ha! LOVE the irony.

Wednesday I was driving home from work about 5:30 and Michael called. There was a house he had wanted to get us into and the lock was finally fixed. He really wanted to get us in asap. We were excited to get into this one since it was RIGHT around the corner from our apartment which is EXACTLY where we’ve wanted to live. Often we’d said we’d just like to turn our apt into a house… So, I run home and grab Jeff. We showed up and loved the house from the outside (although everything is WAY overgrown and needs to be removed – yesterday!). Its a cute 4 sided brick ranch with 3 beds 2 full baths and a half bath on the main. When M let us in, it smelled old – its an estate and has been sitting empty for awhile so as soon as we get some air moving and get it cleaned, i think the smell will fade quickly. It has hardwood floors throughout, except for the kitchen. It also has an UNFINISHED daylight walk-out basement but they have already put in a half-bath! There is a screened in porch and a decent sized yard for our four-legged baby.

We put in an offer first thing Friday AM and heard back Saturday (my birthday!) that they had accepted our offer! 🙂 We are scheduled to close on July 1 assuming that the inspection all goes well!  Husband automatically wins the award for the birthday present that cannot be topped (any time soon, at least!). He even wrapped a little house for me to open when we did presents!

our house!

our house!

We see a lot of potential and have already picked out a few walls to knock down, some stuff to rip up, and things to replace. It will be an adventure for sure – but we’re VERY excited! We’ll post pics as soon as we can get back in to take them!

This will be taking up a LOT of my time for the next little while, but hopefully it will give me some good material for my blog and some goals I will be motivated to achieve! 🙂


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  1. so you guys are buying a house. how exciting and you picked a great year to buy it with the $8,000 tax credit.

    congratulations and i hope your new home brings you and whoever enters unbelievable blessing.


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