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One Hot Kitchen… Coming Right Up!

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So last weekend and this week have both gotten away from me. The fall decor didn’t get purchased or put up and I’ve still got pretty much everything left from last weekends post to do this weekend.

However, we have been making home headway. Our house was almost clean from head to toe – only a few minor areas that need organizing so everything will have a ‘home’. I vow NEVER again to let my mail piles get so high and the clutter bug is officially uninvited… Now that things are spiffing up, I’ll be in with photos soon.

Enough with the boring stuff… The exciting news (and header of this post) is that J and I are putting down new slate tiled floor in our kitchen. I couldn’t be more excited! Heres a little design I came up with to insert into the floor… excuse the unrealistic look of the squres, it was just for the shape:

New Floor

New Floor

This pattern will be used in 2 places. A smaller version here:


Breakfast Nook
Breakfast Nook


Kitchen - Working Area

Kitchen - Working Area

 (my appologies for the old photos, these are from the seller’s website… things have changed since then…)

The design will not take up all of that space, but the rest of the tiles with just be laid parallel to the counters/walls. I am so excited and want this done – yesterday 😉 But patience will pay off. We also had our new fridge delivered – TWICE. The first time they banged it up getting it thru the door, so they had to come back with a new-new maytag stainless steel beauty and man will she ever shine once those floors are spiffed up! Ow!

Stainless Beauty... can't just call her a fridge

 The only things left will be replacing the cabinet hardware and replacing the one that won’t happen in for a LONG time countertops with some mid-tone grey to compliment the cabinets AND the flooring.


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