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Kitchen – What To Do?

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I’ll be honest… I’m having a hard time getting things in the house “put together”. We’ve been spending so much time outside cleaning up the yard that the inside has been slightly neglected. So I’m turning to blogland for help and suggestions. We have a breakfast nook in our kitchen (which is actually where all of our meals take place at the moment) and I can’t figure out what to do.

Wall 1:


Entry door to the far right, laundry door in the middle

Wall 2:


I thought about a plate rack, but then we have SO MUCH cabinet space that it doesn’t make sense. Plus the rack would jut out from the wall and when the leaf is in the table it would make a rather tight fit.

I have really liked the idea of doing some kind of silverware art on the walls. Maybe some larger-than-life utensil sets, like these:

 ebay - seller: shabbysign03

Or just taking some black and whites of our silverware and framing them in thick black frames in a set of three. Something like this: Prints

more spaced out on the wall - 8x10 each?

The walls are going to be changing colors (most likely another neutral — greyish tinted something), the countertops will go grey — not sure light or dark yet and we still have to decide on what hardware we’re going with (dark or brushed nickel… but that’s another debate)

Wall 1 definitely cannot be anything that sticks out b/c of the way our entry door opens. I’ve thought about a large chalkboard or something for that space… but I don’t think I’d use it.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do with these walls???


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  1. I like the large silverware for the second wall. You could get some artwork with red in it to pull that out into your breakfast area. Maybe two shelves with pictures/decorations rather than plates?


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