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Pumpkin Inspiration 2009

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I’ve been debating on what to do with my pumpkin this year. We waited WAY too long to go to the pumpkin patch (last Sunday) so by the time we got there they were out.of.pumpkins. Seriously? Yes. Crazy! Okay, okay they had like 70 left with about 250+ families out and all the ones left were rotting, scratched, and uncarvable so J and I left the patch empty handed… but not before checking out these cute little dudes:

ppatch pigs

I get my love of little piggys from my Aunt. She’s awesome, and every year for Christmas I send her some little pigs – I don’t know when (or how) it started but its a fun challenge trying to find something new and pig themed for her each year. Really, how can you NOT love piglets?

ppatch piggys

Takin a Snooze in the Sun

ANYWAY… back to the original point of this post. Pumpkins. Our failed pumpkin patch trip sent me on a pumpkin hunt this week. I went to Wal-Mart (out), Publix (out), and then Fresh Market (who didn’t let me down!). I was able to pick up 2 large pumpkins and a small white one. So tonight/tomorrow J and I will carve out pumpkins and light ’em up for the kiddos to admire run over in a mad dash for candy on the one night where it IS perfectly acceptable to get candy from complete strangers.

I’ve decided that since I waited so long this year, I am going to carve something that will add to my decor until Thanksgiving… assuming, hoping, praying, and crossing my fingers that my pumpkin can hold itself together that long.

Here is what I think I might attempt for my cute, un-halloweenish pumpkin:

photo from alifesdesign's blog

Little Tree Pumpkin

Here’s to hoping I don’t completely botch the project… I’ve never tried to vary the depth of my carving – and Fresh Market is about out of pumkins too so this is a one shot deal! 🙂

Happy Halloween Weekend!


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