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Christmas Twiggy Tree

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After all of the awesome Thankful Trees I saw around the DIY Party (here and here) a few weeks ago, I decided I’d try my hand at making a Christmas/Wintery version. Afterall the white branches just screamed winter to me. Then, I saw someone else  create a branch tree for the DIY Tablescape party. This was exactly what I had in mind! You can go visit her blog for a more detailed break down of the how-to (although it’s pretty simple!) 🙂

Here is my finished produt:

After looking at the picture I wish I would have found a bigger twiggy branch, but this’ll do for this year. AND this picture makes me excited that my new RED camera should be here by weeks end! WOO-HOO 🙂

While I was raking leaves (over 20 bags, I might add), I found a twiggy branch that seemed like it would work just fine. I spray painted it white. Then I took a piece of floral foam, scored a hole for the branch, hot glued the branch to the foam, and finally tucked it inside a sparkly silver pot. For a pop of color (and to hide the foam) I used some greenery I had left over from another project.

Earlier last week, I picked up some small silver, white, and red balls from target. I love red (if you read this blog that statement is pretty redundant) so it was the natural choice. I was tempted to go with a cool blue instead, but just couldn’t bring myself to ditch my natural color of choice (or kitchen scheme). After the branch had time to set in the foam, I used floral wire to attach the balls to various places on the branch. It was looking pretty, but it needed just a little something extra. I found some great shimmery white beads and hot glued them on random places of the branch. Husband asked what they were supposed to be – my response: pretty. 🙂

Any suggestions on how to make the ‘tree’ better?

What about the table? I know I need to add more, but haven’t been able to commit to anything yet. I’m thinking a bunch of little tealights in white or silver? Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?

*Update* I was at homegoods last night and scored a super cute red runner with embellished snowflakes which completely matches our tree skirt! The table is on its way to being complete 🙂


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  2. I like this a lot. I am thinking about making one, too. I love to jump on a bandwagon. But, I wanna get all my decorations out first because I have tons as it is. I may have no place to put it. =)

    Great job!


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