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and the Stockings Were Hung

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The more I looked at the pictures of my puny little twiggy tree, the more I didn’t like it as a centerpiece. I liked the idea, but it just wasn’t working for our space. I hate HATE tall centerpieces. Nobody wants to have to dodge a centerpiece to talk to the person sitting across the table – and while this twiggy tree was skinny, it was still in the way. So I banished it from the table, but had to find it a better home.

How ‘bout the mantle? The twiggy tree fit RIGHT in with the theme I was attempting. Light as possible to downplay the paneling and brighten the room. Anything to downplay the paneling.

As far as everything else that has found a home on the mantle — I scored the ‘snowed-on’ greenery from my Dad (FREE!). The GREY mirror hails straight from the clearance shelf at homegoods. The white, glittery reindeer is from Homegoods the Northpole and the jingle bells are from last year Santa’s flight crew.  The 3 stockings are last year Target – gotta love good cable knit. The random stuffed animals are from my childhood – cheesy, yes, but they’re here to stay. And TJ the duck was the mascot when my bff Jess and I were roommates.

What are YOU doing with your mantle this year?  Any suggestions for mine?


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  1. My mantle is white and gold – with NOEL in gold letters.

    Should be posting pics later in the week – I am blogging daily about Christmas, so spreading it out a bit!

  2. love the look of the decor super sweet

  3. I actually like it either place. And, I like the jingle bells.

    I also am coveting your mantle. We actually have the same stockings, but we have to find a creative place to hang them since we are mantleless. (tiny violins playing)


    • Kim –

      I saw a REALLY cute idea at TJMaxx… or was it Homegoods?… for stocking hangers. Darn, this would have made a great DIY gift idea… I wasn’t able to think up anything original.

      Anyway, they took a wood sign (like 2.5 – 3ft long x 6-8 inches high maybe? and thin (1/4 inch)) and it was painted and one said “And the stockings were hung…” Then they just attached 5 little hooks on the bottom part of the sign for stockings and 2 picture hanger do-dads on the back to hang on a wall. I loved the idea… but we have a place to hang so I couldn’t use it. But it would be a fun and pretty cheap way to display stockings and you could completely personalize it. Hopefully that will inspire something for you!

      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


  4. Love the jingle bells in the tall vase- and the reindeer are sweet.
    Merry Christmas

  5. I’m gonna show my mantle next week, I’ve been working on it. I repainted my shutter because the color just wasn’t working for me and now I like it much better! Your mantle is looking great! Happy weekend!


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