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Something for Nothing…

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Jeff’s at Bible Study and I’m bored with tons to do. I planned on going to Home Depot – but its raining and disgusting outside. I need to clean – but I’m tired, and can do it tomorrow. So I rearranged some things to add a little more Christmas to our life.

This shoe rack was in the hallway. I thought at first it was a good idea… then I realized nobody wants to stare at our shoes on their way to the bathroom. Although I do have some really, really cute shoes. Anyway, I decided to move the shoe rack to our closet since our closet floor had been collecting most of our shoes lately. Which meant the dresser had to go. Originally I moved it to the “guest room” (which is completely void of anything but my gifting supplies and wall hangings that haven’t found a wall yet in our new house). But then *lightbulb* I decided that while I am still on the hunt for a console table for the entry way this ol’ dresser would do the trick.

I moved it to the entry hall. I needed to cover up the top with something (because this dresser looks worse than Cloris Leachman in her dancing with the stars getup – and is probably older, too!) so I went to the kitchen and repurposed some red placemats. I topped the placemats with a wedding photo, a precious figurine (from my bff Jess), and an old giant snowball candle on a bronze charger.

Still wasn’t doin’ it for me. It was looking better, but not festive enough. I added some small Christmas balls that were left from this project. Still not doin’ it.  Hmmm… It needed to SAY something about the Christmas season. So I made a sign.

Here are the materials — all things I had on hand:

  • An unused picture frame (mine is panoramic size)
  • Snowflake shape cutter (which I scored after Christmas last year)
  • Square shape cutter
  • Scrapbook Mat Stack (or leftover scraps)
  • Double stick tape
  • Silver Sharpie

I cut out my squares and snowflakes. I kept the color scheme to the existing red and added a bright cheery green. I removed the glass from the frame and flipped the picture that comes in the frame for a solid white background, which was perfectly sized. Then I taped the little squares and snowflakes where I wanted and jotted a little note (“Be Merry”). Slid the glass back in and called it a day!

After I placed my sign I was pretty happy but wanted a tad bit more height so I went and grabbed a vase that had been displaced by the waterglobe display and popped in some festive greenery I had on hand and voila – Something for nothing!

What have YOU repurposed or reused lately???


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