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Christmas on Devonshire

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This year J and I were lucky enough to celebrate ANOTHER first Christmas 🙂 This year it was our first Christmas in our first home! All together now “Awww…” Ok, ok. Anyway our lives have been slightly hectic since we’re doing a lot of reno on the house AND working AND family time AND moving out of the back half of our house. More on all of that later.

Here is a snapshot of what Christmas 2009 held for us:

Jeffrey and I headed up to my Dad’s house for the traditional Christmas Eve service at Perimeter. We were also able to meet up with Matt Abs and his parents for the service which was really fun! Actually I think this marks 2 years in a row with Matt on Christmas Eve… hmm, new tradition?! I’m ALL about the traditions. Nothing quite so moving as candlelight being reflected through HUGE 2 story windows and everyone singing Silent Night. Love it. Love it. One of my favorite things about Christmas.

We kinda wanted to stay in our house for our first Christmas here, but with the looming possibility that my little bro might wake up at 7am calling us to hike it up to Alpharetta, we decided just to crash at Dads.

Christmas Eve

Me Jeff C Dad Adrienne and Toby & Sally (of course!)

Funny story. We were SO concerned about Carter waking up early that he (and I) ended up sleeping in and having to be woken up at 9AM. Jeff woke up about 7:30 and I so kindly told him that we don’t wake up until the little brother comes and gets us up! 🙂 I LOVE my sleep, even on Christmas!

Stockings are full and Santa paper has appeared... Santa MUST have been here

a fun exciting blur of Christmas morning... they go by so quick!

We spent the afternoon at Jeffrey’s parents. We just had a relaxing afternoon seeing our nephews and enjoying the gifts that Santa brought the family.  Then Christmas night we had a great time with just Mom and Dad playing wits-n-wagers. It was great because its so rare to hang out with just them! Before we even realized it we were rolling into our driveway about 11:40… Just enough time to rip open our presents when it was still REALLY Christmas.

Our tree with all our loot

See the big package on the right side? Yea… thats what hubs got me. Give ya one guess. Its off my list.

Toby got to open presents first. He got bones, a new ball, and a rope toy!

Jeffrey got an iphone accessories themed stocking

I got Tommy Boy and golf clubs... just in case Jeff gets outta line 😉 haha, I couldn't resist.

We didn’t celebrate Christmas with the Henry side until Sunday. We missed Carrie and Skip. Its fun to watch the kiddos and their new toys:

We gave Mickey G a shopping cart...

We gave Wyatt a new desk full of alphabet letters he can play with

a GRAND shot


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