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Disney 2010

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This year I planned a surprise trip for Jeffrey, and our anniversary. Originally the idea was for him to know absolutely nothing… I was going to do all the packing and then we were going to go ‘out to eat with my dad’ and end up at the airport with our luggage. I’d even talked to his bosses (who knew you needed 3 ppls permission to be out of work?!) and they were all on board. But after much deliberation, and some fatherly advice, I told J that we were going somewhere and that was it. I still planned everything out and did the packing.
J’s face when he figured out where we were going… So sweet 🙂 And worth all the planning! We left at 7:30 AM Saturday morning
By 10:30 AM we were here…
Stop 1: Animal Kingdom

A Bug’s Life 4D:
Sunday: EPCOT
The ride at Epcot that goes through the ball and then makes a movie about your future. This was ours:
In the UK with our pals
and now we’ll hop over to Paris:
China, anyone?
Monday we took the day off to relax (b/c it was supposed to rain… which it never did) and then Tuesday we headed to…
Magic Kingdom
Roughin’ it on Tom Sawyer’s Island:
i spy a CASTLE 🙂
The happy couple at the castle!
If you want to see the rest of the photos you can click here.

We had a GREAT trip staying less than a mile from the Disney grounds. The whole thing was just fabulous. Part of it for me was there insane ability to market and all the details. We both loved it! And all of the technologies and Disney magic were enough to make me feel like a 5 year old. SO FUN!

We’re thinking of making this a tradition (surprise trips) and taking turns on planning. Jeff has quite the trip to top now… 🙂 I’m sure he’ll come through. Can’t wait until I’m surprised…


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