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Despite J getting sick on Sunday and us both sleeping in until 12:30 on Saturday, this weekend we managed to paint two-coats on 2 hallways (or one long L-shaped one depending on how you look at it), our office, and our guest room! Crazy, right?!
Well it definitely would not have been possible with out both Laura and Sally’s help! They were so great with taping, removing outlet/switch plates, painting corners, trimming, and rolling! Richard also stopped by to help sand/fill holes in the closet (that previously had particle board installed over drywall… WHAT!?!) in the guest room.

We’re going all neutral – greenish gray (is it gray or grey?) in the office, brownish gray in the guest room, and gray in the hallway. We painted the bedroom is blueish gray a while back. I really wanted everything to flow and not feel too commited (keep our options open, right?)… I can easily switch up my decor in any of the rooms and I can seasonally decorate!

Here’s some work-in-action shots:

Of course, Toby was eager to help, too!

Forgive my appearance, this was day 2, room 2, coat 2 so i was slightly exhausted and sleepy but J would not let me get away without being in at least 1 pic…


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