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Valentines Weekend – Part II – Baby Alexis

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On Saturday morning while we were out enjoying all of the beautiful sn*w and our regular jaunt to get a bagel and some coffee, we were anxiously awaiting a call to find out the gender and health of the newest Henry! And praying and hoping that everything went as smooth as possible for Ness.

For the record: I did think it was a girl!

Here she is, our newest niece, Alexis Ann:

We accidentally came to the hospital at the same time as Mom, Dad, and Michaela, as well as Ness’ brother, Stephen, and his wife. J hasn’t had a chance to hold Alexis yet, but I did! She is sweet, tiny, and didn’t make a peep! I love the chubby cheeks, just like M had.

Michaela was quite excited to label everything (nose, mouth, eyes, etc) on baby “X” (she’s working on Alexis). She’s a wonderful big sister!

The whole fam!

Everything went well, and Ness and Alexis both got to come home yesterday! Michaela is enjoying her new baby sister and Sean is very excited. He even came out to the bball tourney on Monday where he and Jeff won their league championship!


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  1. those cheeks are to die for! enjoyed seeing you as well!


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