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Our home*sweet*home is about to get a facelift. Well “about to” as in once we’ve re-roofed, painted interior trim, cleaned and caulked the storm windows, and seeded the front yard… but its much nicer to say “about to” even if it may be a few months down the road. See, when we bought our house, we couldn’t even see her cute face. Remember this or this?

Our house, Day 1

Since then we have definitely improved her appearance!

Here is the current state of the front of our house

Not sure you can tell from the next edited photo, but we’re wanting to have square pillars and remove the front ‘paneling’ (is that the right word) that appears to connect the tops of the pillars together

More of an updated look

And with ‘new’ look, means new accessories. We’re not formal people, so we’re skipping the more formal front doors and going straight for something that says come-on-in-and-make-yourself-at-home. Hopefully one of these will do the trick! I love how both of them will allow as much light as possible inside and offer Toby an easy way to spy at all the squirrels in our yard (as well as any visitors!).

I’m still undecided on the front door, but you’ll notice the car-port door has been selected.

Option 1

Option 2

I like the first option because the back door and front door would match a little better. But eventually I think we’d like to install a garage door, so does that matter? I really think I am more drawn to the second door and it offers a little bit of a more sophisticated look without being formal or stiff looking. And it is clearly different from the windows which I think I like. Hmm… good thing I’m not deciding this tomorrow 🙂

Which door is YOUR favorite? Or do you have a totally different front door you think we would just love?


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