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Spring Cleaning *Kitchen Products*

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I’m one of those kind of people who views cleaning and organizing as therapeutic and relaxing. And I need that right now. So, I’m off to spring clean the house… one zone at a time. Have you ever heard of FlyLady? Her principles are great – especially if you’re one who needs a little extra direction in the organizing/cleaning/decluttering category.  Anyway, I really like her “Zone” principle. So, today I will be decluttering and deep cleaning our kitchen area. Its really not too bad, but it could always be better. The pantry and some cabinets could really use an overhaul. So, thats the goal. Get it spankin’ clean.

Here’s the detailed plan for the kitchen area:

  • Empty/Clean Fridge
  • Clean Microwave
  • Clean Stove/Oven
  • Wash Canisters/Counter Items
  • Straighten Drawers and Cupboards
  • Wash Windows
  • Clean Fan/Vent Hood
  • Scrub Cabinet Fronts
  • Clean Light Fixtures
  • Clean Under Sink
  • Toss Old Rags/Sponges
  • Clean Toby Dishes
  • Redo Tablescape
  • Organize Pantry

In order to do this I’ll be using my favorite products:

First, my multi-task windex. This stuff is awesome. Cuts grease, cleans windows without streaking, etc. I even have used it on my floors when the swiffer wet starts to dry out before I’m done with a space. I love this stuff.

Which brings me to my swiffer sweeper. I’ll probably have to haul out the old sponge mop today for a ‘deep clean’, but for weekly maintenance these are awesome. However, I don’t get the scrubbing strip they added to the wet cloths. They’re impossible to use, and if its that stuck on you probably just need to be old school and get on your hands and knees and scrub. OR be lazy and squirt a bunch of windex w/vinegar, let soak for a minute or two, and wipe up with your swiffer wet cloth.

Of course you gotta love clorox wipes. MMMMazing. So convenient. So easy. Love when cleaning is easy and enjoyable.

And lastly, I’ll be using the Mr Clean Magic Eraser. Awesome. I’ve learned my lesson on using these guys on dark walls (major don’t!), but on light/unsaturated colors they are great. The fact that they disintegrate is a little strange, but once you get past that their ability to remove/cover scuffs, scratches, and dirt is so convenient. I imagine this is a God-send to those that have little kids (and little fingerprints and messes everywhere).

So those are my favs, but I’ve also ran across some duds! Most where used elsewhere in the house, but the two biggest kitchen let-downs were:

Lysol kitchen spray. This stuff stains anything that is white a nasty yellow. It happens slowly, so I didn’t notice at first, but one day I used a bleach cleaner on the counter instead and I noticed my counters getting whiter as I was cleaning. So I sprayed the lysol spray, and they went yellow again. Ugh! Very obnoxious because they lysol really did pick up the grease well. Now I use my clorox wipes. No staining, and all the cleaning!

The other (more surprising) letdown were Pledge and Windex wipes. The ones in the individual packages. They are good for a teeny-tiny area, but they don’t have enough cleaner in the cloth to actually clean an area. Maybe for in-betweens, but they just aren’t worth the cost.

What about you? Anything that really works or has let you down and left stuff dirty? I’m always happy to find something that makes my life a little easier and more convenient (and avoid those that won’t!).

Wish me luck! I’m off to tackle those hidden cobwebs and dust bunnies!


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