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*Sigh* Clean Kitchen

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I’m a cleaner/organizer when things get stressful, which they have been lately. Just a lot going on with the health of people I love dearly. Like my Gramps and my uncle. Gramps had a heart surgery done last Wed and things have been a roller coaster (ICU, regular hospital, rehab center, back to the hospital) since then, but thankfully he is doing MUCH better and I have been getting to talk to him every day. I love his sweet voice. And knowing my Gram is there by his side comforting him while he comforts her. Sweetness.

Anyway, my kitchen is fabulously clean now and I suppose I have Gramps (and my crazy obsessed cleaning habits) to thank. This is what we started with when we moved in. White floors. White cabinets. White counters.

We’re slowly taking some of the white away, and keeping with my red and black colors for the kitchen. We added a slate floor and stainless steel fridge. The walls in the eating area are a grey with a red-ish undertone. Eventually I really want a midtone grey for the counters and some black hardware for all the cabinets. After a fresh dose of spring cleaning, this is our kitchen today:

I even cleaned out our fridge

I know its pretty empty and as you can see we're condiment people. We're working on the whole cook-at-home thing. And by we I mean me b/c J is already awesome at it.

and the pantry

It may be tiny, but it works. We love cereal and boxed meals. Its how we roll. 🙂

And our little shelves are all shiny and dust-free

so much easier to breathe when everything is all organized and pretty

and the birdies have come out to play because its spring


I also got to organize all my cookie sheets, baking pans, and pyrex. I would die without the container store. Or my house would welcome chaos. one or the other.

so much easier to bake/cook when its all organized! And i don't get frustrated just opening the doors.

The kitchen decor/vases also were subject to my madness…

I think I've got enough clear glass, now I'd like to start collecting milk glass... Stick to things that can be multi-purpose in a snap!

The cleaning cabinet also got an overhaul. Now its not a production to clean. Just grab the basket and I’ve got all I need

I'm working on eliminating the need for all these products and trying to narrow it down to a smaller collection, I'd love advice if you've found a great multi-purpose cleaner

Now that you’ve raided my cabinets, I will leave you with a pretty picture of my spring-y theme table. The centerpiece was a “Welcome to the neighborhood” gift from the women’s club (… 6 months post move in…)

LOVE the fact that warmer weather is on its way, and that yellow is an acceptable decorating color for the next 3 seasons 🙂

I’ve found that keeping place settings set on the table, the table doesn’t become a dumping ground for the crap mail that we get or bills. It allows the table and kitchen to be a place where we can relax.

excuse the strong flash photography, I couldn't wait for daylight

I’ve been hard at work scrubbing and cleaning the rest of our place, too. I’ll be back with photos of that soon. Oh, and hubs finally got everything hung in the office so I just need to get in there and take some new pics to share with you all.

How’s spring cleaning at your house?


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