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So WAY back when the toilet decided to do less than its job, I told you about how we ended up needing a whole new bathroom out of the ordeal. No, it didn’t take us this long to get the bathroom finished. In fact, Less than a week later everything but the painting was complete thanks to our handyman, Marco. (Who also finished our kitchen floors which you can see here and here) Due to my extended blog absence and my inability to settle on a paint color the bathroom actually wasn’t finished until about 2 weeks ago. There are still minor details that need to be finished up, but for the most part, its fin!


Please take note of the missing half of the mirror frame (which fell down in the middle of the night when we first moved in and scared us like crazy), the awesome glitter counter tops where the glitter was actually starting to create rust rings, the cherry blossom peeling wallpaper, and the convenient little cabinet you could access while sitting on the toilet. Ahh. Love.


What more could you want in a bathroom? More rust from the shower bar, separate hot and cold knobs – just in case you want a burst of icy cold or scalding hot, fleur-de-lis combined with cherry blossoms to bring out the new orleans japanese in all of us. And that white shower head is sexy. And the old shower bar that had lost all but one loose screw. YES, please.

K, can you show us more awesome details of this awesome bathroom? Well, sure, thanks for asking…

More rust. We just really wanted to solidify that vintage, rustic feel.

Mildew? Mold? awesome...

i told you half the mirror frame was missing. and this was the lovelyness that was hiding behind the frame.

and this is right after being cleaned...

Alright, alright. Enough already. So now that you see all the reasons we loved our vintage, full of character bathroom…. here is what we’ve gone and done to mess all that up!


2 Vanities

Isn’t it REALLY lovely?! No sarcasm here… I’m totally loving the way it came together! We decided to add another sink since this bathroom is shared by 2 bedrooms. It just made sense.

I love the mirrors (TJMaxx), the vanities (clearance aisle at lowes) with granite counter tops and under mount sinks, and the brushed nickel finish on all the new towel hooks (marshalls), sink/shower fixtures (home depot), and lighting (home depot). Just SO pretty. And the paint color – I didn’t like it at first, but its growing on me. I wanted this room to be simple, clean, and relaxing. I think its well on its way.

Ahh... relaxing

I need to snap another picture showing the entire shower. The tub is still there, but the tile is carried all the way to the ceiling. It looks great. It is the same tile as the floor.

And check it, there is only ONE knob for hot/cold now! 🙂 Adjust to the temperature of your liking using one handle. novel idea.

Shower detail

I just love the tiling detail on the shower wall. That cutout storage area is so cute and functional to boot!

Fresh, clean, white, and functional! No rust impairing the functionality here.

So we went from this:


To this:


While this may be one of the more drastic make-over’s we’ve done over here, I’m excited to reveal the screened porch, front flower bed, dining room, and living room (although there are some even bigger changes in store there).


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  3. Kylie! You guys are fabulous! I just love everything you have done! Can I hire you?? I have no taste!! LOL!! Or is it no follow thru?? Either way…I wanna redo my bathroom/house now too! LOL!
    Love you

  4. This is honestly beautiful. I especially love the dual sinks.

  5. wow, what a transformation. Good job.


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