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Screen Porch Makeover

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Back when our AC went out and we were hosting friends for a cookout we decided it was a sign that we should get ourselves in gear and finish up the screen porch so we could enjoy it some this summer (and hopefully our friends wouldn’t die of the sweltering heat).

Here’s the porch from the outside last year. Not much has changed from this perspective. I love the wood shingles. Something charming and warming about them.

Inside, we had a pretty rough starting block. Here’s the porch last year when she became ‘ours’.


Our old owners loved to put things where they didn’t belong. Like indoor paneling outside, indoor carpeting outside, indoor ceiling tiles outside. And you know what? There is actually a REASON you buy specialty items for the outdoors because things that aren’t protected against humidity/extreme heat/etc tend to peel, stink, mildew, and sag. Now isn’t that just what you want welcoming guests when you are entertaining them? Hmm… might be entertaining but not so much in the right way.

So after a little love, lots of scrubbing, a few beloved trips to home depot (which also resulted in the purchase of a new $100 SCORE on a martha stewart patio set), new screen, new beadboard, a few cans of liquid nails, a can of caulk, a new ceiling fan, and a LOT of elbow grease we currently have this little beauty:

In all we:

  • Ripped up the carpet
  • Tore down old ceiling tiles
  • Installed new ceiling fan
  • Added an electric heater (for the winter)
  • Installed new beadboard and trim
  • Re-Screened the far side of the porch
  • Caulked around edges and trim for a bug-tight seal
  • Repaired screen trim
  • Bought furniture and rug
  • Cut down overgrowth outside for a prettier view
  • Uncovered our shed and reclaimed it from the ivy

I installed white vinyl beadboard and trim. It wasn’t really all that difficult once you get the hang of it. You score the beadboard with a utility knife and then it just snaps/breaks right along the score line. Only problem I ran into was that our porch is slanted away from the house so it made the cutting a little tricky. I did the vinyl quarter round the same way so you wouldn’t see my no-so-clean edges of the beadboard. And at the seams of the quarter round I used caulk to fill the gaps and it turned out really great. The vinyl stuff isn’t cheap, but there were a few pro’s that really sold me: 1) It will last forever without peeling 2) I can hose it down 3) I don’t have to seal it/paint it ever (unless I wanted to) 4) Only took liquid nails to adhere it to the wall.

Jeff hung the *NEW* ceiling fan pretty much all by himself. I helped getting the cords down the wall, but that was it. The rest was all him – and it is awesome. It adds enough movement that even on the humid days sitting out there is bearable. Although not even a ceiling fan helps the 100+ heat index, so we’ve been inside for the past few weeks.  Maybe I’ll get him to post on the nightmare that was fun times that were had hanging that fan. Note to self: when you’ve got 3 hours before a party… just go shower and prep the food. Do NOT start a home project. Don’t. Resist the urge, get clean, and start cooking. Unless you want all your friends to show up while you’ve got dirt, insulation (from the attic) and sweat running down your face, soaking your shirt, and dripping on your floor while the food remains in the freezer because you were too focused on said project that you forgot to take it out. Mkay? Lesson learned.

Eventually I want to add curtains of some kind (drop cloth?) and some plexiglass (to make it more of an all-weather porch w/out the cost of closing it off) as well as tile the floor. But those things can wait until next time the AC goes out. Or until our budget causes our bank account to overflow. 😉

What have you made over lately?


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  2. Looks great! Love the paint and furniture! Now you can enjoy it all the time!


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