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Nothin’ A Little Paint Can’t Fix

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When we bought our house, I immediately was going to paint the paneling in the living room. Then, for the most part, everyone had the same reaction: painting paneling is a horrible idea. It’s going to be difficult and messy and time consuming.

Well, I love a challenge. And I love to prove people wrong. Maybe I should have gone into law? Regardless, here is the before:

Dark, cave-like living room

Excuse my mess. I was painting, not cleaning. This is how we roll around here from time to time. After grabbing a gallon of Behr with Primer from HD, I headed home, and went to taping and rolling. No priming for me. No sanding for me. I guess I did wipe down the walls with some vinegar before heading to HD to get the paint.


Not the best, but still an improvement. Hard when a room gets barely any natural light

So in one afternoon I had painted our paneling and it wasn’t hard or messy. This is such a lighter space. And its getting even lighter as I type, but that’ll be another post.

And I got a fun find while painting this den. See the entertainment unit we are using was actually the base of an entire wall unit the previous owners had most likely built themselves.

entertainment wall unit

And when it came time for them to install the wood floors in this room they decided NOT to put hardwoods under the unit, just put hardwoods up to the unit. Ugh. Gross. So in moving the unit to paint the floors I discovered some awesome pea green shag carpeting.

its almost electric pea green - top o' the line back in the day

… and when i pulled on the corner of the shag carpet to see if there were any of the super old gorgeous hardwoods hiding underneath I found this…

glittery laminate faux stone flooring

WOW. Our old owners really kept things classy. Remember the glitter counters in the bathroom that were rusting? Can I just say how happy I am that glitter has found its way into the hands of 14 year old girls’ and their caboodles and out of the hands of decorators?!


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  2. totally laughing out loud at “i was painting, not cleaning.” Totally the story of my life. 🙂


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