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Sofa Hunting

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We’ve been out to Macy’s, Haverty’s, AND Pier1. I’ve learned that I am very picky and finding THE couch  I want is going to pose quite a challenge. This would be so much easier if I was a furniture designer.

These 2 are definitely OUT:

Macy’s Jacqueline

The arms had nailhead trim, but as soon as you put your arm on the arm rest you just wanted to pick at the little nails. NOT going to work for a husband with 'busy hands' and any kiddos we have in the future!

Haverty’s Zoe

This was SO uncomfortable. It looks like it is well cushioned, and the color actually looks more blue-ish in person. But I was highly disappointed with the comfort factor.

This one is out as well:

Macy’s  Chloe

Love the look, love the arms especially. All swoopy. BUT I hate the fabric. It's the kind that will always look messy. :-/

This is on the chopping block, but hasn’t been ax-ed yet…

Haverty’s Darrington

I'm iffy about the material and the fact that you can ONLY get this sofa as a sleeper, but I am loving this arm shape. LOVING. Now if only I could find these arms with nailhead trim. Ahh, perfection.

Surprising, but current front runner:

Pier1 Carmen

Not the grey I was hoping for, but the taupe color looks much more grey brown in person. And the nailhead trim is perfect. And I like the legs.

And for those of you who enjoy details, here’s how I’ve refined my wants/needs list:

  • I don’t want microfiber. Too messy looking. Add to this  – No velvet.
  • As much as I enjoy leather furniture, leather is probably not an option for us right now. Besides being too expensive, its not the most puppy friendly material. Maybe in a chair? Leather is back in the mix as a possibility. In fact, I LOVE leather. Anyone out there have a doggie thats allowed on the leather couch? I’d love some advice.
  • Be able to lay the length of the sofa comfortably.
  • I’d really prefer to have backs and seat cushions that are removable so I can throw them in the wash (Ours say not to, but I do it occasionally anyway). I’m willing to compromise on the back cushions, but not the seat cushions.
  • I love to be able to see the legs of furniture, so no skirts allowed!
  • Nailhead trim would be awesome. Not a deal-breaker, but I’d really like to have it. Added: No nailhead trim near where you rest your arms (like on the Jaqueline) because I married a man who, as his mom puts it, has busy hands.
  • Happy Labor Day Weekend!


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    2. Sofa hunting is such a big job. I really like the Pier One choice, looks comfortable. Can’t wait to find out what you choose.


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