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Cash Budget Update v2.5

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Time for yet another Cash Budget Update. We’ve been in for 2 and a half months now. Hardest time we’ve had by far.
This 2 week period couldn’t end fast enough. It didn’t go well. I was frustrated, J was frustrated, and if we were in school I wouldn’t give us better than a “D”. And my dad would be mad, not because of the grade but because in all honesty we didn’t try our hardest or do our best. 😦 At least I didn’t.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we went into debt or opened a credit card or anything. We just overspent the cash and dipped into the savings which I don’t like because we broke the rules that WE set. It makes me frustrated because WE believe these ‘rules’ will bring the best future for our family. It’s kinda like we robbed ourselves a little bit.
But I’m sticking with the ‘keepin’ it real’ philosophy and being truthful with anybody willing to listen (and hopefully give this kind of budget a shot). This last two weeks were ugly. The biggest reason: We had to pay out $295 dollars for a bill to protect our home that I totally forgot about.
SO I dealt with this bill by taking $295 out of our take home pay after we made all of our necessary contributions (Tithe, Retirement, Medical, etc) so that left us very little for the cash portion of our budget — food, needs/clothing, and fun. I didn’t like not having much CASH to live on for 2 weeks. I just felt like whining, complaining, and flat out throwing a grown-up sized temper-tantrum. For real. And I kinda did.
CASH Budget Breakdown
We tried to save as much as we could in the category so we can have a fall wardrobe shopping trip to the outlets soon. Tried being the key word. And I ended up at the outlets with my dad while J was out of town buying clothes for J for his fall wardrobe. Nothing for me though, so that was good. No money saved here though.
Food Money:
After I went grocery shopping (which I do as soon as we get our cash so that we know how much we have left to eat out on for the rest of the 2 weeks), we had hardly any food money leftover. BIG HUGE SAD FACE 😦 So we ended up using another category for food, which brings me to…
Fun/Blow Money:
Our fun money depleted faster than you can blink. Since we were out of food money almost before the first weekend (of 3 weekends this pay period), we dipped into our fun money because eating out, for us, IS fun.
THEN our friend, Tim, who got engaged last spring and we haven’t ever even met the girl (which is crazy), called us up and offered FREE Brooks n Dunn tickets to their ‘last’ rodeo. Hello?! Who can say no to that? Um, definitely not us. So we decided to go — even though things were tight. The concert was AH-Mazing. They closed with boot scoot which is one of the very first country songs I remember knowing the words to – so that was pretty cool. Aside from the fact that we met Christy and the concert was great… financially we threw responsibility out the window that night, and pretty much the rest of the 2 weeks.
First, Parking was $20. Seriously?! So frustrating. And since we had never been to the venue and were following our friends, we had no idea where or if cheaper parking was available.
Lesson 1: We should have pre-planned and found cheaper parking.
At the time we were fresh out of food cash. Totally and completely. $0. BUT Our friends who were graciously sharing tickets with us wanted to eat once we got there (instead of ahead of time) so that was another $15 because neither J nor I had eaten lunch so splitting a meal really wasn’t an option unless we wanted to starve. We put it on the debit card. You know, the one thats ONLY supposed to pay for gas. Yea, well it also paid for food that night. Twice. Because you can’t sit at a concert for hours on end without something to drink, right? 😦
Lesson 2: If an event is on short notice, and we’re out of food cash, eat a sandwich before the event. A $6 drink would have been a lot nicer than a $20+ meal and a drink.
Needless to say, we were out of fun money AND food money with a week and 2 days left to deal with.
So we were faced with 9 days and practically no cash to last. So one would assume that at that point I would have stopped whining, acting like a baby, and just sucked it up. But not so much. Life things were going on that had me stressed and frustrated so I decided cooking was too hard and so I pushed for eating out which led to 4 other fast food meals being put on the debit card. Nice, right?
I am SO thankful that we’re through that 2 weeks and have a nice blank slate to use again. Here’s to KNOWING this will go much better than the last 2 weeks.

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