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We’ve Got Shingles!

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Not the itchy kind, but the keep-water-outta-my-attic-and-ceiling kind!

Not so new news: we’ve been sporting an awesome blue tarp around here. For about a year :-/

The glowing blue tarp monster

Classy, right??? ... crickets ... yea, not so much

Truth be told we were sporting 2 tarps — one in front, and one in back.

Off with the Old

it's gotta get ugly before it can get better...

Our ceiling was getting pretty tired of the leaks (and so were we!).


Thanks to some generosity and some hard-earned dollars, LOTS of meetings with various Atlanta area roofers, we have ourselves a beaut of a new roof.

AWESOME new roof

Much better, right?

The most obvious change is the color. We went from a reddish brown to a nice charcoal grey.


We also installed a ridge vent so we don’t have any vents sticking up off our backside anymore AND we should be a bit more energy efficient which should equal some savings on our heating/cooling bills. Cha-ching! 🙂

Just as a note to anyone having to get a new roof without insurance covering it: It was painstaking to find the right roofer, but we finally settled on Ray’s team with A Southern Roofing (our bff Dave recommended). If you’re having to pay for a new roof yourself be sure to get plenty of estimates (from trusted companies, of course) and ask lots of questions. One company who bid on our roof was 3K above Ray’s offer and he couldn’t explain to us why (well he tried to say it was their warranty — which was essentially the same, def not worth the 3K difference)!


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  1. New roofing looking Cool!..
    Are copper or aluminum gutters best for my home?

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  3. Ugh…this is something we need to consider in the next couple years also. Not looking forward to that bill. But yours looks great!

  4. WOW! The new roof looks amazing. The change from redish to the grey made a huge difference, both in the leaking and the looks. Nice choice!

  5. Looks great!! I’m sure all your neighbors are just loving all the hard work you’re putting into your home. It looks completely different, and like 200% better than what it did before you bought it!


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