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Loud and Dusty – Floor Renovation – Round 2

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So apparently I never shared Round 1 of our hardwood flooring adventures (back in Jan) and we just started round 2. But I’ll catch y’all up on Round 1 first.

When we bought our house the previous owners had ripped up all of the carpet that was covering old gorgeous hardwoods. While it was great they had take the old carpet out, they hadn’t refinished the wood which left us with a few splinters as well as a few ‘oh no we’re gonna warp our floor’ panic attacks when a glass of water spilled or we walked to our closet after taking a shower so refinishing them moved up on our list pretty quick.

We considered doing it ourselves, but after researching and hearing about others’ experiences we decided that it wasn’t for us. We wanted to do it once and have it last. We didn’t want to rent a sander that was off balance and created an uneven finish. Thankfully my dad recently had his hardwood floors done and was pleased with the company, so after looking around we decided to hire them as well. PeachDesign has been great. They are prompt, they charge you exactly what they say they will, and they are so clean!

First things first, we had to move EVERYTHING out of the bedroom, office, and guest bedroom. We’ve expanded with stuff since then, but geesh – who knew 2 people had so much stuff???

Here it is all packed in the dining room/formal living room, which were thankfully empty at the time:

Am I really showing you this???

Then we had to select which stain color we wanted to use after the sanding process

Stain Choices

Now we went back and forth a bit wether we should go with a darker finish (which seems to be very ‘in’ at the moment) or something more natural.

We ended up going natural/lighter and here’s why – 1) I love darker finished on furniture, and was worried that if we went darker on the floors and furniture things would begin to look either too dark or too matchy-matchy 2) The natural finish isn’t something that goes/comes as long as its not too orangy/yellowy, I think it is classic and we’re always keeping re-sale in mind over here JUST IN CASE we would have to pick-up and move quickly for any reason.

Here you can see all the guck and yuck that was covering our old hardwoods:

dirt, gauges, and lack of shine

It just wasn’t pretty. Oh, and it was very yellowed. Ick. And with having carpet over them for so long these floors had potential but had seen better days.

Old and worn out finish

Just a few days later and I was left with a satin finish, warm, natural looking hardwood floors that are gorgeous!

(Re)Finished Floors

We were very careful to follow all the ‘suggestions’ of PeachDesign following the refinishing process. We didn’t wear shoes, we made Toby wear baby socks so his claws wouldn’t scratch up the surface, we kept rugs off the floors for a week (or was it 2?) to give the poly time to set. You can actually walk on them in socks within a few hours of being finished, but Michael (the head of the project) told us it actually takes anywhere from 2 weeks to a month, depending on things like weather and humidity levels in your house. Who knew? Usually I clean them with a dry swiffer sweeper, occasionally a microfiber mop and some water for marks or scuffs. And because of our little fur-baby I’ve gotta break out my handheld shark-vac to suck up some fur balls that seem to constantly collect around the baseboards. Yum.

So there you have it. We went through all that… and now, we’re doing it again — just in the front part of the house this time! Oh, and they definitely had to rip up the old stuff due to it being cheap, uneven, and un-original (unlike every other room in the house) and they kinda didn’t install it in the best way. Remember this?


We’ve been dealing with lots of banging and lots of extra dust while they literally take a saw to cut my floor apart like a jigsaw puzzle.

Out with the old...

Hopefully I can give you an update next week on the finished product!


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  2. The hallway looks amazing!!! We so having been wanting to get our floors done for quite sometime – Our current floors too have seen much better days!! mostly likely we’ll go a med. dark, since we have a small home, I think it will help our house appear larger….we’ll see

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  4. Wow great job refinishing the floors, they turned out awesome! All your hard work really paid off.

  5. I totally agree with your choice on the natural color. Things like floors are something I believe should be classic, not trendy.


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