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Cash Budget Update – 3.5 Months

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Whew. Seems like since my last cash budget update a month ago, things haven’t gotten better – only worse.  Most of that is probably due to the fact that we’re attempting this budget while ripping our house apart (literally) and J had a birthday and I like buying presents.

After reviewing our financial state today, I’ve decided the CCs are no longer going to be stored in our wallet. It’s just FAR TOO EASY to cheat on a starbucks here or a meal out there when all you have to do is pull the CC out of your wallet and *poof* instant gratification! There is part of me that feels we should keep a CC for things like flights and hotels. But J and I are going to have to chat this over since the current situation isn’t allowing us to gain as much ground as we should be. I know ppl say you need a CC to build your credit, but I’m not buying into that. If someone can’t take the time to realize we pay our mortgage and all of our other bills on time, then I probably don’t want to do business with that company in the first place. We’ll see…

I’ve decided I’m cutting up my capital one card and dropping them like the bad habit they are.  Cap1 sucks. Their customer service sucks. They’re located in india or something and I’ve never been so annoyed with a service center in my life. Forget them. You are supposed to be serving me… and you’re doing a terrible job so buh-bye capital one, you are fired! A pretty little cc will be dying… and yes it is pretty because it has a sunset on it… but screw you pretty card, you’re screwing my budget!

Feels better to share that little rant. And to get things back under control. Today I’m paying off our bills for the month, going to the bank to draw out the cash and organize it in my wallet with my cute little colored paperclips and we’re back on track for the next couple of weeks. We’re not going to have extra moolah – BUT since we were staying up at dad’s last week, we still have most of our food left from the budget period that just ended so we should easily save there! 🙂 Hopefully next CBU I’ll have a better report to share.

If you’re new around our blog, you can read more about our budgeting adventures here.


In other news our hardwoods are done and they look awesome! I’ll snap some pics later today and get them posted here tomorrow. Now its just going to be about decorating (on a low budget, of course!) and maybe even acknowledging the fact that it’s fall with some seasonal decor! 🙂 Wish me luck…


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  1. So I am way off on reading your blog, and just now getting to this BUT…
    We struggled in November, which was our 3rd month also. It was more a lack of planning on our part though. We are back on track now with pretty paperclips also. 🙂 Love you!

  2. Yeah. I’m the queen of sneaking a debit card purchase when I forget cash at home. Bad Kim.

    Good luck for next month.

  3. i love that you’re doing this (we are too)! i thought it would be super-hard before we started, and it really hasn’t been. it takes a huge shift in thinking – but it’s certainly do-able. you’re doing great!!
    i worried about not having/using a CC too – so we don’t use ours – but i used to keep mine locked in the glove box. so it was with me just in case there was some major emergency and i didn’t have money, but not tempting me by being in my wallet . probably not the safest place, but we knew how to cancel it if it were to be stolen. thanks for sharing how you’re doing your system – good tips! 🙂


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