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How To Organize… Your Jewelry

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*My camera is on the blink, so it’s back to iPhone photos around here for awhile. I guess I know what I’ll be asking Santa to bring me… 😉

Back when we lived in our apartment, I shared how I displayed my jewelry on a corkboard. I used to keep my necklaces in jewelry boxes or even on hooks on the back of my cabinet door in college — but if I can’t see it, I don’t use it. The corkboard definitely solved that issue. And I found that I was wearing my jewelry a lot more often, which is the whole point in having cute jewelry, right?!

The cork solution sufficed for quite awhile, but once we moved in our house I didn’t have a place to hang it (closet or bathroom). Plus I wanted my jewelry to be in my bedroom where I get ready for the day. So that meant that I needed something more decorative that could double as wall art. I considered recovering the cork with a pretty fabric, but I just didn’t love that idea.

One day I was in TJMaxx and found GREY shadowboxes. They matched our room perfectly! Score! The background in the box is kind of a cream colored linen that also flows really nicely in our space – if it hadn’t, it would have been easy to recover.

Since the shadow boxes were smaller than the corkboard I had been using, I decided to use 2 boxes so everything could be spaced out a little bit and have some room to breathe. I used 1 box for rings, bracelets, and my ‘nice’ jewelry. The other box was going to be for my chunky/colorful necklaces.

The boxes came with these cute pearl pins. I didn’t have nearly enough for all my jewelry though, so I used them for my rings and then I used regular clear push pins to hang the rest of the jewelry on.

I am kind of OCD about organizing and color. I love organizing things (clothes, jewelry, linen closet, shoes, etc) according to ROY G BIV. Sick, maybe. But I always know where to check if I’m wanting to match a certain color. I also preface ROY G BIV with black, white, and brown (in that order). So here are my rings… in all their ROY G BIV glory:

Pretty, no? I love it, and everything is easily accessible, visible in the morning when I’m rushing out the door, AND another bonus of the shadow boxes has been the lack of dust that collects on the pieces I don’t wear nearly as often.

I’ve still got some room to grow in this box. I like it the best out of the two – probably because it’s a little more sparkly. Sometime I’ll have to share the meaningful pieces that are in here – my mom’s wedding ring turned necklace, pearl necklace that grows each birthday and christmas, my great-great grandmother’s broach turned necklace, my bff’s bridesmaid gift, my graduation ring, my mom’s spoon ring. Who knew so much history could be crammed in such a small space? I love being visibly reminded of these memories and these people on a daily basis. Love how personal it is.

This box doesn’t adhere to my color preference, but due to the different lengths of necklaces it isn’t possible. I also decided that if I acquire a new necklace it will have to replace something in this box – because truthfully I don’t even wear all of these very often. I didn’t purge anything during this project, mostly because I had done that back at the apartment, and I like having at least one necklace in each color family so I can color coordinate outfits if I want to.

Here is how the whole display looks in our room:

I’m really happy with the way this turned out, and it has proved to be very useful and functional too!

How do YOU display or store your jewelry???


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  1. Jewelry is something we’re always buying but imagine if you found just what that you were looking for for much less, take a look at and see what I mean.

  2. Love this idea! It fits in the category of “why didn’t I think of that!”

  3. Great idea and pretty display! I store my jewelry in many places because they won’t fit in one or 2. I have a jewelry armoire and also a full length mirror which hides a jewel case behind it. I also have organizers in my top dresser drawer and moreholders on top. I really like your idea. I might copy it for the ones I sell at the store….Christine

  4. I love this idea! My jewelry is all over the place… I have a dresser from IKEA that the top opens up and I have some plastic jewelry organizers in there for the jewelry I wear most, then I have a small set of drawers in my bathroom closet with some other jewelry, and then I have a basket in my closet of bigger necklaces that don’t fit in either of those places. I think I might need to try a solution like this!

  5. This looks amazing! It looks like art. I think I like that it has glass over it the most.

    Okay, I think I need to do this.



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