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New Year, Fresh Start

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No time like New Years to break the blogging silence, right?!? I’ve been keeping up with my google reader – but haven’t been making the time to blog lately.

Honestly, 2010 was a hard year and I’m kinda happy to know its over. However, we also have a lot of things to be thankful for and hard work to be proud of. 2010 brought some great times and some really hard times around this Henry house. This last year we lost several we held dear to us. This greatly contributed to the blogging silence. That, and the mad chaos that is trying to fully renovate the heart of a house while living in it. With that… here’s the 2010 house accomplishment wrap-up:


  • All new 6 panel doors and silver hardware to replace the old, boring doors throughout the house
  • Painted the master bedroom
  • Refinished half of the hardwoods in the house


  • Painted the office, guest room, and hallway (all in shades of grey)
  • Organized and decorated the office
  • Tore up as much bamboo as we could from our backyard jungle



  • Began dining room renovation by ripping down the wallpaper most.tedious.job.EVER.
  • Paint den paneling light blue


  • Built a retaining wall and mini garden off the front porch
  • Organized and decorated the guest room (please come and visit me!)





  • Knocked out 2 walls of our home – one load bearing – and lost a functional kitchen



  • New hardwoods installed to replace the faux hardwoods in the den
  • Refinished the other half of our hardwoods and stained them darker


  • Yard work b/c the inside was out of commission while the major wall knockdown renovation continued…



  • Had granite counters installed along with a new down-draft cook top
  • Installed recessed lighting on a dimmer throughout the kitchen
  • Wired the cabinets for under cabinet lighting



  • Installed recessed lighting in the new living room
  • Painted the ceiling throughout the new space
  • Repainted the living room paneling (b/c the blue was too nursery blue)

Whew. That is quite a list. And there is quite a lot I need to post about since I slacked on posting many of these projects.

The other night J and I were reflecting on all we have accomplished in this last year and I really appreciated the posts that I did make – as it allowed me to remember some of the details that I otherwise would have long forgot in the midst of all the other things going on. So this year I really want to try and record things as they happen – even if its a lousy iPhone photo or a quick few sentences about what is going on.

I hope you had a great year in 2010 – and here is looking forward to an adventurous and awesome 2011!


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