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Totally late… Christmas 2010 (Gram, this is for you!)

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I know so many of you (GRAM) have been dying for a Christmas 2010 recap! Let’s just pretend Christmas was yesterday since that is when I did my last return/exchange of presents, K? K!

Tradition has it ’round these parts that you bring your WHOLE family (4 legged members included) to pick (or sniff) out the best tree Big John’s tree lot has to offer. We always do this as soon as possible following Thanksgiving Day to maximize our Christmas spirit! After picking the perfect tannenbaum we duck into Starbucks to warm up on some toasty peppermint hot chocolate and then head home to decorate.

Toby ready to pick out a Christmas tree

It's a family affair!

The best tree on Big John's lot going home with us!

Our way to decorate the tree:

  1. String up the tree with tons and tons of white lights. This year we moved up in the world to LED lights – although we stayed with the warm color instead of the blueish white.
  2. Toss on the personal ornaments that have lots of meaning to us (baby, pre-marriage) and those that we have received together (first married christmas, new house, etc).
  3. Then we toss on other Christmas balls purchased from tar-jay.
  4. Top it with a glitzy star and call it a day!
  5. Oh, can’t forget the awesome snowflake tree skirt! We don’t get much of that in the south (until recently) so we gotta fake it when possible!

The 2010 tree in all its glory!

Welcome to Christmas in the midst of renovation! Please disregard the drywall in the background along with the exposed floor beams in the entry hall.

my boys 🙂

Christmas Morning 2010

Yes, its true, we didn’t even have the energy to move things out of the way to take a perfect Christmas morning mantle photo. Oh, reality! Our kitchen was torn apart. And everything up there in the mantle was pulled out of a box and plopped so perfectly placed.

Don't let his sleepy eyes fool you

*Note to self* wake up before stocking time so you don't look like a zombie in the only photos you take on Christmas day

Yes, Santa brings T presents too!

Nothing like a sleepy self portrait on Christmas morning

So, that was our first Christmas Eve spent in our own house, sleeping in our own bed, along with our first (of many to come!) Christmas mornings spent just as our sweet little family.


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