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3 Years Ago…

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3 years ago today I married my best friend. Today I will gush to my husband on our little blog!

Jeffrey, Hubs, Love –

I love you for SO many, many reasons. I cannot imagine my life without you right next to me – together. I’ve realize more this year how perfect you are for me. How God actually, really made us for each other.

I don’t need to tell you that this past year has been hard on me, on us – but you have made it easier. Thank you a thousand times over. When I didn’t want to get out of bed, you’d crawl in next to me and wrap your strong arms around mine and comfort me. Not for too long though, and you’d help pull me up and make me believe it was going to be ok. The grief would become manageable and the memories would be stronger than the pain. You were right. (on an unrelated note, I should say that a lot more than I do. Because you are right an awful lot!) You gave me strength to put one foot in front of the other and gave me reasons to smile.

Many times I catch myself thinking about you, moments spent with you. I love… how you sound like santa when you laugh – HO HO HO… when you smile so big you get deep laugh lines in your face… how you answer my 15 phone calls throughout the day, yet you don’t get angry… how I believe I am beautiful when you give me that look… when you grab my hand and my heart races… how fearless I feel when talking about the future because I know you’ll be right there… the encouraging emails you send me filled with your love and His word… the security you offer in your provision… and about 1000 other little things throughout our daily life.

I’m (still) so excited about life with you. Excited about the crazy adventures we’ll see in year 4 (3 years gone, already?!?!)! I’m just glad I’ve got you to look forward to all this with.

I may love you now, but I’ll like you forever and ever – to the ‘Boro and back!


Wedding Day

You can click the photo above and it should take you to a preview of our wedding album that we’re FINALLY ordering… 3 years later 😉


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  1. Beautiful picture! Happy anniversary!


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