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Kitchen Renovation Continues…

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This renovating thing is a NEVER ending process. You list everything out that still needs to be done, seems managable – then you actually start DOING projects, they take at least 5 times longer than expected (with an extra 3 trips to home depot) and then instead of being closer to finishing, you add more things to the original list. Story of our lives, lately. BUT we are seeing progress which is awesome. AND we are really LOVING the changes.  Just as a refresher, here’s where we were not too long ago:


Before Major Renovations Began

While I’m not sharing the ‘finished’ kitchen today, I have been tackling the kitchen cabinets. They are old and smelly on the inside. Like 60 years of stink. Ew. They also look dark and dirty. I’ve bleached, clorox-ed, and everything – but they still look dirty and drab. See…



Just be thankful this isn’t a sratch and sniff.


More blah...

So, I decided to combat the dingy issue, as well as the smell, I’d paint the inside of my cabinets. WHITE. After all, if you paint them white you can actually see if they are dirty. And I primed those suckers with KILZ so the stank would be stuck behind the paint. Forever. *insert evil laughter here* And I put down a little squishy mat so that things would stay put and not slide around.


MUCH better, right?

The project was super detail oriented. Had to caulk all the cracks and crevices. Everything needed two coats. A little comparison of new to old:

In Progress


Ahh, lovely

{Yes, I’m OCD about everything lining up, stacks being equal, and all of it being organized. If it weren’t for the ridiculous amount of dust flying around our abode, I’d be SO tempted to do open shelving. Oh, and bonus sneak peek at another one of our project(s) going on that I hope to share late next week!}

And while I was painting the cabinets, I decided to replace the hardware with something a little more my style. I had to take the doors down anyway and those dingy white hinges weren’t doing it for me. We went from white to black. Plasticy gold crapiness to metal spraypainted awesomeness! The only problem we really ran into were that the hinges didn’t fit EXACTLY the same, even though they were the EXACT same size and shape. So… that meant an extra step of rigging them so they will stay shut and not pop open on a random basis.

ALMOST done... we've replaced the knobs, but here you can compare old to new hinges

All is well that ends well and we LOVE the results. Um, is there a WALL missing??? 😀

PS The whole project cost less than 100 smackers (paint, caulk, hinges, spray paint) and was so worth it! The hinges were stock from HD, the knobs were brassy gold leftover from my Dad’s kitchen renovation and we primed and spraypainted them black. They look awesome and have held up well – except when you drop them on tile before screwing them in the door, so I’ve got a handful I need to re-spray. I’ll post a brief how-to when I get around to that!


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  1. Wow! I know that was a huge job, but I’m sure that you are loving it now. What a difference a fresh coat of paint makes.

    Happy anniversary, btw 🙂


  2. GREAT decision to paint the back of the cabinets white! They look so fresh and clean now. And while you may not be able to do open shelving, you could totally do doors with glass insets — I’m in awe of your lovely stacked sets of dinnerware!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  3. Looking good! It’s amazing what some paint will do to give such a clean, fresh appearance. The black is a nice contrast.

  4. Wow! What a difference the paint makes.

  5. Hey Kylie,

    I love your renovations! And all that orderliness is gorgeous. Paint is the most amazing and affordable fixer-upper of all times.
    Bon Appetit! Tina


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