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After our *new* duvet (courtesy of my Dad) arrived last week, I decided this week I had to wanted to find us some new sheets. Funny how NEW things make you want more NEW things 🙂 Our old ones were SO comfy, but the corners weren’t holding on anymore and I was sick of fighting to keep the sheets on the bed. I wanted to get the same sheets we had, but in a charcoal or black. No avail. Charter Club was hatin’ so I had to start from square one.
As a reminder, here’s the duvet we chose:

West Elm

Hubs and I decided we wanted either a blue (to go with the walls, BehrPP Burnished Metal) or a Charcoal to add a nice contrast to the sheets. I hit up the TJMaxx and HomeGoods closest to me with no luck – but thankfully I decided to chance it and swing in to the HomeGoods closest to my work.
That’s where I found some awesome charcoal Calvin Klein sheets that would have worked perfectly…

CK Sheets

But then, Amy Butler stared at me just BEGGING me to take her home. So I reluctantly did. Hoping that J would like them and ease my mind that they weren’t too busy. Or too girly. Or just too… 🙂

Amy Butler Constanta Sheets

Well, I’m happy to report they’re rocking on bed right now and looking SO great! The pattern isn’t too much – in fact I think the charcoal ones would be too boring. Now here’s to hoping it brightens up this weekend so I can post a picture of our updated master bedroom. Oh, and I FINALLY (3 years later) ordered some engagement (yes, engagement) pictures and got them up on our wall! Here were our choices for the bedroom:
… our house is becoming a home 😀 EEK!
PS I know it looks crazy grey and boring, but I promise it’s looking great in person!

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  1. This is HILARIOUS. I totally checked those same sheets out this week because I want something patterned instead of our boring white sheets. I love them (obviously). So pretty!


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