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Goals… (and a few pics)

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So do you ever get so overwhelmed with all the projects going on that you become useless to complete anything? That’s where we are I am right now. I just can’t seem to get any one thing totally done and there are about 15 working projects at the moment. So, I’m gonna post a goal list in hopes that it’ll serve as some additional motivation AND it will remind me to show you the details as I go — I’m in a bad habit of feeling like things have to be ‘done’ or ‘perfect’ before I can do a post!

We are throwing a couple’s shower for some friends of ours in 2 weeks (actually less) and we’ve got some big things on the list. Here it goes, in no particular order.

  • Finish painting the new unit in the kitchen
  • Finish installing new black hardware in the kitchen (hinges and knobs)
  • Caulk and wood-fill newly installed trim (kitchen AND bathroom)
  • Second coat of paint in the breakfast area (very bottom of the list, not the end of the world if this doesn’t get done)
  • Tape off and paint trim (doors, windows, floor) in the ‘new’ huge living room
  • Touch-up paint in the living room
  • Paint the old doorway – now wall in the hallway
  • Paint the new front door
  • Tape off and paint trim in the hall (floor)
  • Repaint over the ugly hall bath color (and be thankful you’ve learned the lesson of ALWAYS testing paint before jumping into painting a whole room)
  • Fill the kitchen gallery wall with actual pictures (instead of strangers hanging on the wall…)
  • Empty screen porch of all tools and junk – clean it up!
  • Thoroughly clean all the areas guests will be using

I’m sure I may be leaving something out, but this is the big list. Wish me luck, I’m off to crack open a paint can! 🙂

And just for fun, I finally emptied my camera card from the last several months and here is some of what I’ve been up to:

Gram Frankie and I at Brother's football game

Daddy, Me, Claw - In CA

CA Desert

Our 3rd Anniversary 🙂


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I'm a creative girl, decor-ganizer, social media junkie, and believer in simple significance. I have an addiction to starbucks and the Nebraska Huskers. I call 'home' an old ranch with my college sweetheart turned husband and our fur-baby, Toby. Stop by our blog

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  2. Love the picture of you two!
    Can the kids and I come be to see the house? I can’t wait to see the BIG living room!!

  3. awwww… .you are so pretty! Looks like a great list. I’m a total list-maker, too. It helps me to have it all down. Totally doable – good luck!


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