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First things first – Hope you’re having a ♥Happy♥Valentines♥Day♥! I got to enjoy Starbucks this morning with my sweet husband! Too bad it was because my alternator died and not just because it was valentine’s day – oh well, lets focus on the silver lining.

Oh goodness! I think I should make goal lists more often. I seriously got SO much done last Tuesday/Wednesday. And I didn’t spill the beans then, but we were on VACATION this last weekend in Hilton Head Island or many more things would have been crossed off. It was nice to feel so accomplished before going out of town. And it was even better to come home to a semi-clean, mostly painted kitchen!

Last week I got our ‘new unit’ painted and started cracking on the living room trim! We’ve got a little under 2 weeks and still quite a bit to do.

Here is how the unit was before:

And here is what it looks like today:

We added depth to the cabinets so we could move in a double oven (YAY baking parties) and microwave. We had the space for our fridge enclosed so we don’t have to view the side from the living room. We matched the cabinet style as closely as possible to the existing ones which are original to the house. I am loving the changes. Maybe I’ll be inspired to be in here a little more often ACTUALLY making dinner?

We’re still missing some  hardware, but that’s on the list so it’ll get done soon. And eventually we’d like to switch out the appliances for stainless – but you can’t beat free (we got them from my Dad who just renovated his kitchen to upgrade to stainless)! 😀

Here’s what’s left on the list:

  • Finish painting the new unit in the kitchen
  • Finish installing new black hardware in the kitchen (hinges and knobs)
  • Caulk and wood-fill newly installed trim (kitchen AND bathroom)
  • Second coat of paint in the breakfast area (very bottom of the list, not the end of the world if this doesn’t get done)
  • Tape off and paint trim (doors, windows, floor) in the ‘new’ huge living room
  • Touch-up paint in the living room
  • Paint the old doorway – now wall in the hallway
  • Paint the new front door
  • Tape off and paint trim in the hall (floor)
  • Repaint over the ugly hall bath color (and be thankful you’ve learned the lesson of ALWAYS testing paint before jumping into painting a whole room)
  • Fill the kitchen gallery wall with actual pictures (instead of strangers hanging on the wall…) hopefully a post on this tomorrow
  • Empty screen porch of all tools and junk – clean it up!
  • Thoroughly clean all the areas guests will be using

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  1. Your kitchen looks great! I keep making lists and they keep getting longer 🙂 Trying to stay focused like you this week. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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