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I’m still checking things off the list. I finished the trim painting last night! It was a most dreaded task, but I’m so happy to be done with it.

Here’s the updated to-do list:

  • Finish painting the new unit in the kitchen
  • Finish installing new black hardware in the kitchen (hinges and knobs)
  • Caulk and wood-fill newly installed trim (kitchen AND bathroom)
  • Second coat of paint in the breakfast area (very bottom of the list, not the end of the world if this doesn’t get done)
  • (New task) Add crown molding to the breakfast area
  • Tape off and paint trim (doors, windows, floor) in the ‘new’ huge living room
  • Touch-up paint in the living room
  • Paint the old doorway – now wall in the hallway
  • Paint the new front door
  • Tape off and paint trim in the hall (floor)
  • Repaint over the ugly hall bath color (and be thankful you’ve learned the lesson of ALWAYS testing paint before jumping into painting a whole room)
  • Fill the kitchen gallery wall with actual pictures (instead of strangers hanging on the wall…)
  • Empty screen porch of all tools and junk – clean it up!
  • Thoroughly clean all the areas guests will be using
  • (New Task) Clean up the yard and carport

Tomorrow will be a MAJOR workday in casa de Henry. We’ve got a good bit of work left to do before we open our home to 30 people next weekend. BUT while I did have the list of things to cross off for the party, I also focused some of my time and energy into our master bedroom. Let’s just say my sanity needed it. A place to relax? Yes, please. A place to escape the craziness of renovations and improvements? Sign me up.

Basically our goals were to make our room relaxing and not have a whole lot going on. No bright colors, no busy patterns – just a space to breathe and calm down.

Here’s where the room sits today:

*Sorry about the lighting issue – I thought mid-day it would be good, but alas it’s still shady and the true colors aren’t exaxtly showing. Oh well.

Our walls are Burnished Metal from the Behr Ultra line – it isn’t showing the blue-ish tint well on my computer, but it definitely does in real life!

I’m really happy with the way the room is coming together. I love the new duvet and new sheets. The fact that we finally have OUR pictures in the frames and the arrangement on and above the dresser are just how I envisioned.  But everyone knows there are more than 2 walls in a bedroom… hence the master bedroom being almost finished and not totally done!

Sheepishly, here are the other two walls:

Eventually we’ll replace the TV with a flat screen (yup, we’re that couple that has to have a TV in our room – and mostly its for me, I like noise to go to sleep). And I envision an old sideboard under it for storage of movies and whatnot.

This is the big blank wall which I have NO idea what to do with. None. I’m totally drawing a huge design blank. Can’t put a chair there because it would take up too much space. Don’t really want a gallery wall. Already have a mirror on the other side. Hmm… Suggestions are welcome 🙂

Have a happy weekend!


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  1. P.S. I’m totally in love with you duvet.

  2. Oh, you should totally get some big vinyl wall art. I’ve seen some really cute ones floating around on etsy. My current fav…. . Maybe damask?


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