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Door Makeover and a Spring Wreath

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We installed a new front door, oh lets see… at least 6 months ago – probably longer.

New 15 light glass door

'Before' (this was actually of the new roof in Sept, but I forgot to take a true before shot of the door)

It stayed unpainted, unprimed, and au natural until last week. We slapped a coat (or 3) of Behr Premium Ultra Restless Sea.

It was looking pretty good, but I wasn’t digging the glittery pincone wreath ever since my daffodils decided to bloom. I’m done with winter and ready for brighter, cheerier colors. I was thinking bright yellow or bright green.

First I swung by Hobby Lobby but they didn’t have what I wanted so off to Michael’s I went. I forgot my coupon – but luckily they had a 50% off all floral stems so it didn’t really matter. I picked up a grapevine wreath form, some vine looking floral wire and all the flowers I needed for around $25.

I thought about gerber daisies, those ‘talking flowers’ (please someone else tell me you refer to them this way instead of calling them snap dragons), hydrangeas – but the orchids were so striking that I couldn’t resist. Plus, they aren’t so feminine and dainty. They’re bold and bright. Just what a freshly painted front door needs.

At first I was just going to use orchids on the wreath, but I didn’t like how it left so much of the grapevine bare.

excuse the blur, but you get the idea

So that’s why I picked up the peony’s. And they match so well with the touches of purple like the center of the orchids. It was meant to be. In the next pic, the peony’s aren’t yet attached – I was just trying to decide which arrangement I liked better. the one above or this one:

(PS Check out our ‘new’ FREE barstools, also handy for wreath creating)

I really like how the peony’s kind of seem to soften the look while still keeping with the same bold color scheme. And here is how it looks on the new front door:

Yes, I am getting a new wreath hanger (or spray painting this one).

Pretty, right?

And because I’m working on the house tour, here is the old view from inside our house looking to the front door:

And here is the new view:

AHH! This place definitely has our stamp all over it – and I’m LOVING every bit of it 🙂


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  2. The kids and I drove by yesterday to see your new door in person. We loved it!!!!

  3. Gorgeous! The color on your black door POPS! I just love the arrangement of the orchids with the white peonies. What a fabulous combo!
    YOu have a darling blog!

  4. visiting from inspired by charm… love your spring wreath…

  5. Very pretty. I thought for sure you’d go with yellow, that would look great too.

  6. No joke, that is the same color I painted our front door! LOVE IT!

  7. And oh my gosh, what a fabulous new door and cute wreath! Awesome.

  8. I just wanted to drop in to say I LOVE the gray slipcovers for the Ektorp and I think you should go for it! Black dog hair will blend right in!

  9. first off – i LOVE that new door – and the color is fantastic!!!! truly, what a difference! i fell in love with that paint color just this moment. 🙂

    secondly – what an amazing difference the new door makes in terms of light! i love natural light, and that door is perfect for it!

    third (almost done!) – what a cute wreath! i’ve seen faux flowers at hob lob that are so pretty but never know what i would do with them – and that is a perfect idea! good job!


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