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Front Porch – Paint Project Plan

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Geez there are a lot of Ps in that title…

I’m still working on that house tour – I def didn’t think it’d take so much time. However, I really really want it to look good so we’ll have a great record of where we’ve come. Check out the tab at the top of the blog for that in-progress project. I’ll do a whole post when I finish. I also added some pictures to our sidebar and a blogroll of my fav blogs to follow.

In the meantime here’s another project that’s been on my mind and hopefully we’ll get to soon:


Our sweet home has been getting a face lift from day 1 of our ownership. She’s been waxed (trimmed back and plucked out the ridiculous overgrowth), dyed (new roof), accessorized (pretty new door), and now she needs some makeup.

March 2011

I’m DYING to paint the shutters and the front porch. Ya know… like as soon as the thought popped into my head it hasn’t left. Every.single.time I pull in our drive, I feel the urge to back out and go straight to HD for some paint. So far I haven’t, but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold out.

Currently the porch is white and the shutters are a hunter green, although they look black from the street. Ideally, I’d get brand new shutters that look like these:

Raised Shutters

Lovely. Easier to keep clean (aka bug spider free) and SO easy to paint. BUT since that is out of the budget, we’ll be repainting our slatted shutters the same color as the new front door:

Restless Sea by Behr

It looks a little more teal-ish in person and I love the way the door looks. And since we’ll be taking down the shutters, we might as well paint the front porch, right? Absolutely! (That is how projects roll around here… one turns into 5) And instead of painting it white – like most homes in our neighborhood – we’re contemplating going gray (shocking, right?!).

... still searching for the perfect gray...

We need something different from the roof color – still want contrast there. And we’ll leave the columns white so they’ll pop and add some interest as well. The window frames will stay white to match the rest of the house.  Now just to find that perfect shade of gray…

What project are you dying to do?


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